[Commentary]Conservative U.S. Media Pays Heed to False and Leftists Hate Crime Statements-Part 2

Author: Wen He/Brain Sanitizer Proofreader: James Zoebel

Recently, Fox TV host, Tucker Carlson, interviewed Ying Ma, a Chinese female writer, on his program. Ying commented on the reasons for the recent surge in violent crimes against Chinese American in the United States and questioned President Biden’s claim that Trump and his supporters caused this problem.

Screenshot of Tucker Interviewing Ying Ma on Fox News

Two days before Tucker’s program, Biden made a speech accusing that the Trump administration linked the virus with China, which intensified racial conflicts against Asians and led to a series of hate crimes. Tucker bluntly commented that President Biden’s statement was “a lie”, and used several videos of violence against Chinese as examples. These videos showed that those perpetrators were ethnic minorities, not “white supremacists” who support Trump, as the leftist media claimed. It is also made evident that many of the perpetrators were habitual offenders with criminal records.

Screenshot from the Tucker Show on Fox News

When talking to Tucker, Ying Ma condemned the Democratic Party for using the anti-Asian violence to discredit Trump and his supporters, which she believed was “unfounded and even shameful”. Judging from her experience over the past few decades, black-on-Asians attacks are not uncommon. Although the virus may have some negative effects on the general public, sufficient evidence shows that violent crimes against Asians are not committed by Trump supporters. Ying Ma states the Democratic Party should at least “face this issue honestly”.

It is pleasing to see that American conservatives are laying down their proud and extremely independent attitudes and actively participating in discussions of underlying reason behind racial issues in the United States. In a previous investigation into the root of these virus hate crimes, both Asian and American conservatives are the victims of this “viral hatred tide” described by the left-wing media. Asians have become the target of harm, and American conservatives were accused of being instigators and creators of this violence when there was not enough evidence.

Screenshot from the Tucker Show on Fox News

Take Portland as an example, under the Democratic Party, we see that violent riots against all ethnic groups not only did not stopped when Trump left the office, but have intensified. While the Democratic Party is increasingly promoting its radical, leftist agenda, more policies are indifferent to crime. Is racial violence in the United States really unsolvable? Or, do some people simply don’t want it to be resolved? Civil unrest and general decline in the United States has caused the left to be further promoted while paving the way for not holding the CCP accountable for engineering the virus.

Regarding racial violence, we cannot simply resist; we must also try to identify the intention behind all the chaos. Violence is a cancer of a civilized society, whether it is against Asians or other ethnicities. A standard of accountability for any violence cannot be excused because of the skin color of a perpetrator. “White supremacy,” should not be allowed, neither should “BLM”. Violent forces from outside the country should not be tolerated, either. A fair trial of justice cannot be absent because of pressure from an outside force. We call on all ethnic groups who embrace a civilized society with a fair legal system and refuse to be victims of violence and political conflicts to unite together. Unite with those who seek to dig out the truth; request investigations to find out who is benefitting from all these social violence! All victims deserve justice!

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Reviewer: Xiaoxin

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