[Opinion] CCP Cares About Powers Not the Chinese People

Author: MOS Gospel Group Righteous man

A few families of CCP’s illegitimate regime control the life and death of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. The majority of the Chinese Communist Party members are just running dogs or puppets to execute the CCP plans. Most Chinese foreign trade-based companies have struggled to survive due to the CCP virus (Covid-19) and the Sino-U.S. trade war. Thousands of Chinese workers and mid-level employees have minimal options to make their primary living, especially the working class with a monthly mortgage payment and children’s education expenses.

Some companies use the CCP virus as the logical excuse to cut pay rates and increase working hours without improving the employment benefits. Most employees in China must accept workplace discrimination and harassment without other options because they have to support families and themselves. The CCP’s illegitimate government didn’t help the Chinese people under the CCP virus crisis but extending the age limit for social security payment and retirement benefits. Many companies stopped paying for the workers’ insurance coverage after the Covid-19 virus breaks. The CCP regime, from the local level, provincial level, and the national level, pretend nothing happened related to the overdue payment issues of the employee’s social insurance payments.

After the Chinese Lunar New Year, workers all over China have tried to protest against the companies and the local government to fight for the rights of the social insurance policies and payment to get through the shutdowns and loss of a job. Unfortunately, most Chinese workers and employees have not received answers and deliverable results from the corporations and the government at all levels across the country. CCP’s local law enforcement team has arrested thousands of workers during the protest gathering. In China, the policemen don’t protect the people, and they only follow CCP orders to crack down on the people who want to tell the truth and seek their rights. CCP state media would accumulate more lies and fake information to blame the United States of America for all the problems and continue to praise the CCP’s contribution to the 1.4 billion people.

The fake media propaganda in China has controlled the public opinion, news, information, and the accepted thinking patterns and lifestyles of the Chinese people. Over 50% of the Chinese population would take the CCP regime’s messages without asking any question even they might have to lose all of their social welfare benefits and protections. Another 45% of the people in China might not feel happy or comfortable with the CCP’s policies or decisions, but would do nothing but stay quiet without seeking their birthrights or justice because they know all government bodies in China work for the CCP, not for the people. The final 5% of the Chinese people would use their feet to protest by immigrating to other countries, ranking from America, Canada, Australia, England, and other civilized countries, like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc., including some Latin countries and even African countries.

Breaking down the CCP firewall is the first step to liberate the Chinese people because almost 99% of China’s news is under CCP’s censorship with zero truth and 100% lies. It is hard for the western world to imagine that the 1.4 billion Chinese people live under the CCP’s delusion and illusion every day for the past 70 years. With the Internet, the worldwide web, and social media, modern technologies have liberated the world for free information flow and truthful content sharing without boundaries. Still, the Chinese people are more blind, deaf, and disabled than ever before because the CCP uses high tech to manipulate the information and control what the CCP wants the people to hear, see, and accept.

The free world people have been side-watchers while the 1.4 billion Chinese people are continuously treated like animals and slaves without any freedom and human rights by the CCP. The Wallstreet and elites from the western world chose to tolerate the CCP’s behavior for their greed and selfishness. CCP has been using the 1.4 billion slaves to trade for silence from the rich, famous, and influential people of the Western world.

God is watching. It comes the judgment time between Good and Bad, Mercy and Evil. We should have faith; justice will prevail; and the CCP will be taken down by the people, with true GOD devotion.

Editor: Gospel Team
Reviewer: Irene

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