[March 18, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

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[March 18, 2021] Video translation

Hello brothers and sisters. Many fellow fighters sent me messages about the China-US “pit-stop diplomacy” in Alaska. Comments like, “Wang Yi is so tough”, and so on. The US is also very tough. It is tit-for-tat. As soon as Wang Yi started, he began to talk about “America’s history of killing blacks in the US”. In fact, what worries the CCP the most, and what everyone can see, is that the US has declared that the CCP committed “Crimes Against Humanity” and “Genocide” in Xinjiang. Now the CCP wants the US to drop these charges. That is the subtext of what Wang Yi said.

Personally, I feel that it is not that simple. My initial feeling is that they had settled the issues through closed-door negotiations before the meeting. It was already settled. Everybody must remember that no country conducts its diplomacy in front of the media. Both parties negotiated in advance. Don’t trust the media. Don’t believe what they say publicly to the world. That’s all nonsense. How can that be possible? Even if you just buy something at a convenience store, you have at least made a mental list before-hand. Of course, diplomacy between two countries will be at least as premeditated. Negotiation in advance is such an important matter. It will determine the political destiny of the leaders and the well-being of people in the two countries. Moreover, in this complicated situation, in both countries, the internal political needs are greater than the people’s interests. In this case, among all topics discussed, the leaders’ political needs in the two countries must come first. This is very sad – a whole country (China) pays for the actions of one person, or a few people. The US now basically pays for one political party or several elite families. It’s the same. China is paying for two or three elite families. Each one may be paid by one-third, two-thirds, or half of the citizens, but as you can see, that is the real purpose.

Who organized this diplomatic meeting? Not President Biden. It is Vice President Harris. Don’t forget: everything Mr. Blinken said, everything in this negotiation, it is mainly, indirectly, from VP Harris’ mouth. President Biden must steer clear of suspicion. Keep in mind, politicians are always trying to put a political spin on issues. 

Your Brother 7’s hands are beautiful. Hehe. No one praises me for how beautiful my hands are. My hands, you can’t say that my fingers are short. My hands are quite long.

So, brothers and sisters, today when I saw Yang Jiechi and “Wang the Eunuch“, as soon as they made their speeches, I knew everything. Who is Wang Yi? Always a shill playing a game. When he was the ambassador to Japan, he came back and met with a friend I know from Shandong (who later became deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). My friend described Wang Yi (at the time I had an excellent impression of Wang Yi) this way: “Wang Yi, heh. That guy…“. Then he mentioned a celebrity’s name who was a fellow townsman. I told him I knew the celebrity and the whole family. My friend said, “You ask him (the celebrity), Wang Yi came to meet them at XX club and another couple came over with their daughter…“. My friend said that Wang Yi had just become the ambassador to Japan at that time, and the couple begged him to help their daughter who wanted to go to Japan to study. When Wang Yi arrived, he got out of the car, and shook hands with the townsman (celebrity) saying: “oh, you, don’t be too harsh on your child.” He was talking, but his hand reached to their daughter. Both her father and mother approached Wang Yi. He didn’t shake hands with them, instead he reached his hands directly to their daughter. The girl didn’t shake hands with him. It turned out he just grabbed the girl’s hand. One of his hands pointed at her father and her mother, the other hand reached out to the girl. He continuously criticized her parents during the meal: “you must be open-minded and let the child go abroad. Let me take care of your child in Japan.” When the meal was over, the townsman (celebrity) told my friend: “Forget about it, don’t ask ambassador Wang for help. This bastard, I don’t know what he will do to her if she goes to Japan.” Wang Yi is like that.  What does he want? He pretended to criticize her parents. What he really wanted was to please their daughter. He wanted to trick the girl to Japan as a sex toy. He is such a bastard, do you know?

Today, as soon as he (Wang) made his opening remarks, as soon as I heard the reports from the meeting, and the internal intelligence I got yesterday, I knew the closed-door negotiations had already reached a conclusion. As soon as I heard the words “blended well“, I understood. What are they doing? First, they want to please Vice President Harris. Their (Yang and Wang) first comment was: “have you killed a black man?” It is just like asking: “did you wet the bed when you were a kid?”. “Did you drink your mother’s milk when you were a kid? Did you bite mommy during breastfeeding?” Who does he want to please? He wants to please the black Americans. He wants to please the Secretary of Defense of the US (Austin) – he is a black American. He wants to please the black Americans who are in power in this administration. Also, it means that Biden is not an issue for the CCP. You (Biden) are already one of us. No matter what I say, you, Biden, won’t care. We took care of you and now I am appealing directly to the Vice President – Harris. In order to leave some wiggle room for the vice president in the future with regards to the race issues in the US, and for her to be able to solve the issue of the genocide designation for the CCP. Also they wanted to deeply influence the Vice President and the black African Defense Minister (Austin) for when they consider American actions towards the CCP in the future. The first thing they said, let’s get this on the record was: “this is racism”. The ones who are discriminated against are your current Secretary of Defense and Vice President of the US! “This leaves enough room for the Vice President. The vice president can always talk about it internally – she doesn’t need to tell the media. The most valuable asset for a poker player is a good bluff. Wang Yi is a veteran broker. In front of Wengui they are unable to hide. I see them clearly through the characters they play. They are transparent people to me.

Let me tell you another thing about Wang & Yang. Today one was definitely playing bad guy and the other was playing good guy. The “good” guy was Yang Jiechi, ” Sissy Yang”. And the bad guy was Wang Yi. You wait and see. But, the truth is they are both acting. They had to leave enough room for Blinken to put on an act too. “Look, I’m very tough as well.” Both sides are tough. When both sides are tough, there is definitely a predetermined deal. Just like when Iran negotiated with the US in Switzerland, remember? They met eleven times. In the hotel, the Iranians threw the bag on the ground in the lobby: “Let’s go. I won’t talk to Obama anymore.” Eventually, a planeload of money was delivered to Iran, billions of dollars.

There is a very famous phrase in diplomacy. Paraphrased it says: don’t look at what image your opponent is trying to portray, but rather what lies behind this facade. In other words, every diplomat is acting a part, the key is to understand what their true intentions are. This is a good thing for our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to understand. We hope to perform a similar performance, a well-orchestrated play for the American people to see. Ninety percent of American people won’t understand that this was just a diplomatic play, and they all will think the Chinese side is really tough. 

No matter which country they go to the CCP will always gain control of the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Intelligence, the Minister of Finance, several elite families, and perhaps the country’s leader. This is their standard strategy. They care about Wall Street and Hollywood in the US right now. Then Silicon Valley, and then the big heads in Washington DC. That’s is what they want to control. So now, what we need is the voice of the people. What we need is the support of the people. Follow us. 

There have been several recent cases in the US of alleged anti-Asian racism – including some where Asians have been involved. At the end of the day, remember: the more of these incidents there are, the more it will protect Asians. When there are forces stirring up these sentiments for political reasons, there are also people who are pointing out that these are efforts coordinated for political purposes (national and International). We, the NFSC, are in the middle, saying: “hey, stop fighting”. We can protect our true fellow countrymen. We have no hidden agenda. We have one purpose: to protect the safety and interests of our overseas fellow countrymen, to maintain the dignity and image of overseas Chinese and all Chinese people, to ensure that all our Chinese children and family members are not discriminated against overseas and are protected against security threats.

These bastards are selling out the Chinese people now. The CCP can’t wait for the US to kill tens of thousands of Chinese so that it can speak out diplomatically. Ask Wang Yi and

Yang Jiechi. Ask “Zhongnanhai (Beijing)”. If racial discrimination against Chinese people occurs in the US, just like the during Indonesian anti-Chinese movement, the CCP will definitely say, “this is a gift from God.” They would be happy if the US killed one hundred thousand Asian Americans.

This is the CCP. This is the sad reality of social media used by overseas Chinese. Nobody dares to tell the truth, nobody dares to truly protect the Chinese people, only the NFSC dares. Our New Federal State of China is the true and absolute defender of the Chinese people’s security interests – believe it or not.

Uh-huh-huh. I guess Wang Yi is saying “Uh-huh-huh,” right? Wang Yi said: “look, how beautiful my hands are!” Wang Yi has beautiful hands, right? “Zhou Enlai’s hands”. Don’t shake hands like this. Don’t shake hands like this in the future.

Stop talking now. This is a chat. Just a chat.  Let’s see what will happen. Watch them play their games.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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