【G Times】Nothing but Endless Plots

Translator: Fengzhishang

Proofread: Janyvo

Image source: Melbourne Athena Farm Design Group (Jinglinglan)

1.   Plotted Quarrel

When you are bound to lose a quarrel,

assert that your opponents have leeks between their teeth, that would surely shut them up.

For instance: When Americans talk to you about human rights,

You allege Americans slaughtered black people;

Americans talk to you about Hong Kong,

You change subject to Black Lives Matter…

2.   Plotted Politics

How to attack a politician with a conscience?

call him a racist;

How to attack a politician who loves his country?

allege that he evaded tax;

How to attack a law-abiding politician?

slam him as a womaniser;

How to attack Trump?

All of the above …


3.   Plotted Diplomatic

You shall not interfere with our internal affairs, but I can infiltrate your state matters;

Agree to disagree, and I shall make you rich.

4.   Plotted  Translation

Tiger Yang (Yang Jiechi to Wang Yi) : wanna translate? really wanna translate?

Translator: I am here to translate …

Tiger Yang: please gather your wits comrades…

5.   Plotted Attack

A doddering old Biden stumbled his way up to his personal jet.

Putin: I wish him good health…

6.   Plotted “White-Lefties”

I want freedom!  Hence:

Legalise abortion, legalise marijuana, misdemeaning robbery under $950, misdemeaning non-armed robbery…

Antifa, BLM, and $27 million reward for a death arising out of using counterfeit money;

nurture transgender children, legalise and promote homosexuality, stop parents from calling their daughters “daughters”, Christians refrain from greeting “Merry Christmas”…

“White-Lefties” (an ant hole) causing the collapse of a great dike …

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(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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