No Media In the World Dares to Tell the Truth About the CCP Virus Vaccines and Biden’s Stumbles

In the March 21, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that almost no media in the world dared to report truth about the CCP virus vaccines and the meaning of the stumbles of President Biden, excerpt for the New Federal State of China, G-TV, G-News, the Whistleblower Movement, and the fellow fighters.

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It’s a lively weekend. All the media across the world… you know, how crazy the world is! How crazy! The vaccine has caused so many deaths, but almost no one dares to report it. Seriously, we are in the age when media is the king. People across the world are all asking: Who has the greatest power in the world? Who are the most powerful people? Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt of Google, and Jack [Dorsey] of Twitter. They are the media bosses. Everyone is saying this: “Who is the boss? The media.”  

I can indeed feel it. So many people have died abnormally. Yet, no one has reported on this. No one dares to report or only briefly covered it. It is not only the vaccine, but also President Biden’s three stumbles when boarding Air Force One. He fell over three times directly from the stairs. Well, the American media barely reported it, and the world media didn’t have the courage to report it either. This is because the U.S. media is the boss and the world’s media is controlled by the capital of the US and the CCP. Do you think the world is scary?   

Another one. Not many people dare to discuss the CCP virus. Only a few of them have the courage, but they have been blocked on the internet and their words cannot be spread. The only exception is our New Federal State of China (NFSC), our G-TV, G-News, our Whistleblower Movement (WM), and our fellow fighters, right? We don’t care who will be offended, we just tell the truth, right? This reflects the real power of the NFSC and WM. Brothers and sisters, now you see who is the hero and who stands for justice. Now everyone can see it, right? Should you feel proud, brothers and sisters?

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24 days ago

you’re so sweet kindreds spirit ! Thank you

24 days ago

Miles that was your interpretation of what I was thing in English !


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