Anti-Discrimination Against Chinese Is First Voiced by the NFSC

In the March 21, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) was the first telling the world that the CCP cannot represent Chinese people, and clearly separating the CCP from Chinese people.

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Now in the U.S. and in the world, there are people who suddenly remembered the issue of anti-racial discrimination, anti-discrimination against Chinese, and anti-hatred. All bullshit. We have being voicing this for two to three years! Without the NFSC’s years of effort of separating the CCP from Chinese people, telling the West that it’s the CCP virus rather than China virus, repeatedly saying that the CCP has kidnapped Chinese people, and that the CCP cannot represent Chinese people, we would not have just racial hatred now, we would have something like the discrimination of Chinese decedents in Indonesia, which was basically a genocide, or even a racial turmoil. Anyone who has some conscience and think a little about this would reach this conclusion.

It’s everyone in the NFSC and the WM, our Lude Media, our doctor team, as well as our countless fellow fighters who protested in the street all over the world, the many articles on G-News, the enormous contribution of our fellow fighter volunteers, including the G-Translators, and all the volunteers who translate real-time news in the West and East, that made the West and East gradually understand that the CCP cannot represent Chinese people, the CCP virus is not what the Chinese people wanted and Chinese people themselves are also victims. We together with all the Western fellow fighters, such as Bannon, Giuliani, Pompeo, Miles Yu, and many more told the world that the virus was not made by Chinese people. This contribution and the benefit brought to Chinese people cannot be measured by money.   

This is why someone told me yesterday, “I want to invest a huge amount of money in you because my kids have safety in the West due to the NFSC’s effort in separating Chinese from the CCP.” The majority of people have conscience. So, brothers and sisters, please always remember that separating the CCP from Chinese and taking down the CCP are the only hopes and means for us to survive, and everything else is less important than these things. Don’t let your vision of the future be blurred by just one tiny piece of dust. Everything is trivial compared with taking down the CCP, which bears our future. Once the CCP is taken down, everything will be fine.

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