The Chinese Expert Clamors for a “Tianjin Model” To Resolve the Taiwan Issue— A Quick and Forceful Solution

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At the forum of the Contemporary State Guest Think Tank, Li Su, an expert of the Communist Party of China, clamored for three models to resolve the Taiwan issue: “Tianjin model, Beiping model and Changchun model”, but the “Tianjin model” should be adopted for a quick solution. What is the “Tianjin model”?

The “Tianjin model” means that before the KMT forces led by Fu Zuoyi in Beijing were even aware of what had happened, the Chinese Communist forces broke the ties between Beijing and Tianjin and prevented Beijing and Tianjin from forming a combined force and immediately wiped out the KMT forces in Tianjin. Therefore, the issue of Taiwan is to make a quick solution. Otherwise, there would be an international reaction, and the United States and other democratic countries would intervene. The Chinese Communist Party could not achieve the goal of a quick unification of Taiwan by force.

The “Beiping model” means: to surround the city without fighting, forcing the other side to negotiate. But the premise is that Fu Zuoyi, the defending general of Beiping at that time, was willing to negotiate with the Chinese Communist Party. The troops who finally surrendered were sent to the Korean battlefield. Among the Kuomintang soldiers who followed Fu Zuoyi and believed in the Chinese Communist Party, only a small number of them went to Taiwan after the Korean War, most of them died in the Korean battlefield,  those who returned to Communist China did not get a good end.

北平和平解放- 维基百科,自由的百科全书

However, Tsai Ing-wen, the current President of Taiwan, is unlikely to negotiate with the Chinese Communist Party. Moreover, Taiwan has a democratically elected president and division of legislative, executive and judicial powers. The leaders of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are unlikely to be willing to negotiate with the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese government would not only make economic sanctions against Taiwan, but blockade Taiwan, as well. However, blockading the Taiwan Strait is also a challenge to the whole world. Even if Taiwan was blockaded completely and Taiwan people were difficult to survive, all this would not help with (the goal of) unifying Taiwan.

The “Changchun model” means that the KMT garrison in Changchun had very strong fortifications at the time and a hard attack would inevitably result in a large number of casualties. Moreover, Changchun City had stored a large amount of food and ammunition. The Chinese Communist forces were not particularly well equipped to attack the city. Therefore, after the siege, many KMT soldiers and ordinary people were starved to death. At present, the trade deficit between  China and Taiwan is $ 60 billion or even up to $ 100 billion. Economic sanctions are imposed on Taiwan and pressure is exerted on Taiwan to surrender. However, the United States and other Western democratic countries must also be taken into account.

共军围困长春饿死多少人?真相令人不寒而栗!(图) - 民国往事-看中国网- (移动版)
How many people starved to death under the siege of Changchun? The truth is chilling!

When Li Su talks about the Taiwan issue, he shows himself as a gangster of the Communist Party of China! He thought that CCP is the boss of the world and the order of the world is set by CCP. In the fourteenth five-year plan, it has been discussed to build roads from Fujian to Taiwan. In the future, Taiwan would be a province of Communist China and China will buy Taiwan’s chip manufacturers. So the Chinese Communist Party is going to attack Taiwan in the next one or two years‘ time. It is impossible to carry out long-term negotiations and economic sanctions.

Since (Communist) China began to stop buying pineapples from Taiwan, several countries around the world have begun to sign export trade contracts with Taiwan for agricultural products, and the volume of orders has increased instead of decreasing, compared to that volume of China. Now the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia and other countries have seen through the CCP’s ambition to take Taiwan and further dominate the world. They are working closely with Japan, India, South Korea and other Asian countries to thwart the CCP’s attempts and ambitions!

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