[March 21, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

Translator: Himalaya Rose Garden Team (rainbow)

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[March 21, 2021] Video translation

Dear fellow fighters! Many of you are sending me messages about our GTV programs and the future direction of G-News. Thank you very, very much! What I want to say to you is that I hope my fellow fighters do their preparations conscientiously. If you don’t have a satisfying job in which you can find your faith and realize your dreams or make enough money, I suggest that you should seriously consider studying how to use the webpage version of GTV, and its APP version including Android, and learn how to use OBS seriously.

Why? You will see that the reality show that Masha, Mr. Hao Haidong, sister Ye Zhaoying, and Brother Chang Dao did yesterday has received enthusiastic responses. Also programs like “Our Faith Star” and “I’m Sing-ro” hosted by sister Tang Ping and William Wang have absolutely stirred up huge, huge impact. I can tell you, its impact is massive! The CCP is really scared of these kinds of shows, isn’t it? 

In addition, now we have the weekend broadcast by the [Himalaya] Alliance Committee reporting their work which, I think, every fellow fighter should watch because it is relevant to your benefit, your future, and your belief. However, there is no advertising income associated with any program at the moment, that is to say, it is not profitable for those who made programs. But please remember, when you see something nonprofitable but can still survive very well, you should realize that there must be something big about to happen – that is my logical thinking. At the same time, when someone gives you a little bit money for what you do every now and then, you should be on alert because they might be preparing to rip you off big time. 

That is why there are always scams like YJ Jewelry and other P2P financial hoaxes in mainland China because we’re greedy and always want to get more with less effort – penny wise but pound foolish. Then GTV is a platform for our fellow fighters to make money, find their faith and pursue their dreams, it is a distinctive place, brothers and sisters. What we’re doing now is not only to allow more fellow fighters to pursue their beliefs and dreams with dignity and wealth, but also to give them a decent life, and more importantly, to allow them to be able to provide for their family.

Anyone can get rich without having to make any investment. How to do it? Get yourself ready on G-News and GTV because, I can tell you, in a couple of months GTV and G-News will open its tipping function, where one can use G-Coin, G-Dollar, credit cards, or G-Fashion products to tip shows like “I’m Sing-ro”, “Real People, Real Stories”, the weekly reports by the Alliance Committee, and many other shows, including Mr. Virtue’s “Chinese Ethics and Confucianism Education” and the shows by our little Sarah from Canada and our little Fuli from UK. Right? little Fuli, little Sarah, DC’s Feifei, and our little “Dumbo” – the four beauty, right? “Taiwan Pairs” and Da Niu, and their shows, right? These shows are amazing. And our sister “Vanilla” in Canada, right?  Also our Dutch “Tulip”. Sorry, I don’t know much about the shows made by New Zealand’s fellow fighters, sorry for hurting you guys’ feeling all the time.

I haven’t seen any good shows from AoXi or Athena. Since the “Magical Lady” stepped down from the leadership role of the Sakura Group in Japan, the Sakura members are fewer and fewer, and their programs are also diminishing. So, the “Magical Lady”, indeed, made the group quite lively, quite vigorous, but now it suddenly became quiet, making me somewhat not used to it. Italy barely has any programs, let me see, neither does Los Angeles. What we need to do now is to have people to collaborate more, to make some quality programs with real content and avoid talk shows with just one guy talking. The problem is that, when you speak alone, people may not believe what you say, causing them to not want to listen.

Brothers and sisters, What I’m trying to say is that the tipping function using G-Coin and G-Dollar will be absolutely epic. Once all of this is up and running, we will start to push it [GTV] to the English-speaking world and the whole world. This can’t be done before [this new function is available]. We need to do it and do it well to make this function available. It’s like when you invite someone to your house, the lights in your living room should function and there should be no broken sofas, right? No smoke comes out from your kitchen, and the gas range igniter should work. Only when we have these basic things done, we can open our door to welcome everyone from the world with different religions, races, colors, and languages. You will then see that we will be like Google and YouTube a decade ago or Facebook seven or eight years ago, and you will also witness us surpassing them.

Next, you will see that everything is brand new and looks completely different. So, now I tell my brothers and sisters: be prepared, and I’m getting ready too. I will give away many of my clothes as prizes. Many fellow fighters suggested me to reward people with many of my suits, jackets, and the clothes that I’ve worn for many years, and even my pre-owned vehicles. When I get too excited, I might give away jets and yachts, right? Right now, we are studying the possibility of giving away Honda cars as prizes, and Cessna’s private jets as the biggest prize, or the latest models of cars. In the future, we really can buy different speedboats to put them on [GTV].

Everyone who is capable and competent, please prepare yourself on G-News and GTV because the future rewarding function on these platforms will be absolutely unprecedented and as never seen before. Just like the G-Clubs lottery a while back, many people’s lives have been changed all of a sudden. People won 100,000 dollars in cash, or won immigration opportunities which worth $100,000, and many won BMWs and other prizes. Next, our GTV and G-News may have weekly, monthly, and quarterly awards, and annual big rewards definitely. That’s what I’m telling you. I have received many of my fellow fighters’ suggestions, and I really appreciate it. Believe me, our real, big tricks haven’t been used yet. The sunlight is so strong, my skin is already dark, and now it’s getting even darker under the sun.

These days I am working on a really big thing, which takes 60 meetings before seeing any results. So, ten more days of hard work with 60 meetings. Sixty meetings! Attending 60 meetings! Then, there is the G-Coin and G-Dollar, which too many people want to have. Brothers and sisters, please do understand that it is really impossible to meet everyone’s demands. It really is not possible. But the thing that we must consider is that we will make sure that some of our volunteers are getting them, and so are many people who got threatened and punished by the CCP for having donated to the Rule of Law Foundation or invested in the G series. These 20 million [G-Coins] must be put aside and given to these people through certain ways in the future.

But I’m here reiterating once again that no farm is allowed to loan or hold G-Coins and G-Dollars for fellow fighters. You can purchase on behalf of them, but you can’t hold on behalf of them. No farm has any right to promise any G-Coins or G-Dollars to the fellow fighters including holding any shares on behalf of them. This is absolutely not allowed. To any fellow fighter that sends money to the farm or has any questions, please contact me and our Himalayan Alliance Committee. Farm leaders are absolutely not allowed to make any profit from the price difference when transferring money with fellow fighters, or hoard cash in your local account, which is absolutely not permitted. And they are absolutely not allowed to hold G-Coins for others. A new era of our G-series will soon start. Just wait and see. In not very long, the G-Fashion team will announce, once again, who will be joining G-Fashion, which will shock you. 

In the future, I hope more fellow fighters will join G-Fashion, and more engineers will join GTV. GTV and G-News will soon announce a series of incentives to engineers, including stock options of a million GTV shares for people that have worked for 10 years. Please note that this includes G-News, GTV, G-Fashion, G-Clubs, all of them. Too many good news. Every moment I am thinking how to let our fellow fighters live a decent, respected and wealthy life, which is our nuclear weapon for taking down the CCP. Thank you!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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