The Main Conflict Between the Trump and Biden Administrations Lies in the Virus Report

In the March 15, 2021 Getter video, Miles revealed that the main conflict between the Trump and Biden administrations was the virus report. He said that the CCP was about to admit that the virus was not from nature but an accident leaking from the lab. However, when the WHO representatives visited the Wuhan lab, they suggested the CCP to deny everything. This has really made the US furious, and now most of people believe that the virus was created by the CCP as a biochemical weapon.

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I will tell you about another key issue that you may not know yet. After the Taiwan incident, the issue that set off the uproar in the US was the virus report. The main conflict between the Trump and Biden administrations lies in the virus report. 

The vast majority of the people believed that the virus was not released by the CCP. Rather it was an unintentional leak from the Wuhan lab. That’s why the WHO people flied to Wuhan and came back with this conclusion: it was unintentional, or a lab accident. At that point, the CCP was already going to admit that it was not natural origin. Do you see the whole development? The natural origin theory was about to be negated, and the CCP was going to admit that the virus was a leak from the Wuhan lab or caused by an individual person. But those WHO bastards went to China, ate and drank, and then privately suggested that the CCP should not admit that it was a leak at all and there was no need to admit it because it was not done by the CCP at all. 

Finally, the CCP’s higher-ups were not thinking clear. It’s said that some PLA personnels and concubine Yang (Yang Jiechi) and eunuch Wang (Wang Yi) all agreed that they should not admit anything, including the leak. Instead they should deny that they had anything to do with this. Just like those pro-democracy phonies and the nine-fingered demoness (referring to Sara of VOG), they are on the verge of being destroyed but still play tough. They think this makes them look tough, they think it is called tough, but what they are holding onto is just shit.  

In the end, they put up this show, from potentially admitting that the virus was from an unnatural source to an unintentional lab leak or an accident to denying everything all together. This has really made the US furious. The situation was then turned back around. The overwhelming majority of people, who used to support the idea that it was a lab leaking accident, are now turning to believe that it is a biochemical virus that you, the CCP, created on purpose. Moreover, you have been doing this for a long time. Bingo, we won!

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