No Ordinary Chinese Can Make A Fortune In A CCP-Controlled Market

In the March 9, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that, for ordinary Chinese in mainland China, expecting to make a long-lasting fortune through the CCP-controlled market is like a daydream. The market is a battle field for a few CCP families such as Jiang Zemin and Xi Jinping’s families. Everybody outside that circle can’t avoid being looted by the CCP eventually. He also revealed that Wang Zhen’s son, Wang Jun’s overseas wealth was well protected by the CCP because Wang Zhen had Xinjiang people’s blood on his hand. 

I believe last night in mainland China, two significant events received the most attention. We knew they were going to happen, but their influences still exceeded our estimation. In mainland China, what happened in the Shanghai stock market, in several large financial institutions with bad debts, and the economic indicators were all beyond our imagination. It was so horrible.

Do you know how many people’s money has been looted, brothers and sisters? Some of our fellow fighters are in poverty, not because they don’t work or they are not hard-working, it is because they cannot see through the delusions, and are so greedy that things go wrong for them. In the CCP’s counterfeit and deceptive economy market, which is called “a rolling pin economy”, can you even dream of getting 5 or 10 times return on your investment? Do you think that bank deposit profits are better than earning money by yourself? Do you believe that you have a chance to make money in the stock market? If you think so, you are screwed. No matter how hard you work, you are destined to be poor. No matter how hard you work, one mistake will completely destroy you, making you lose all your money. Right?

In Hong Kong, many financial investment products are forced to liquidate due to insufficient margin, for example many financial products of HSBC. Why was PingAn stock the only one going up? You should realize that the power behind the PingAn stock is still Wang Qishan and the Zhongnan Pit. The stock is being controlled and manipulated. It indeed is a financial crime for robbing the wealth of investors, called “cutting the chives”. We are seeing the rise of PingAn stock’s price and the surpassing of Ant Financial Services by Lufax, which I talked about two or three years ago. At that time, I said that Lufax would devour Ant Financial Services. This is the privileged class plundering private entrepreneurs. The Beijing gang led by God Xi (Xi Jinping), which is in power now, has began the fight against their adversary parties, which are led by Jiang Zemin. Who are Xi’s opponents? Jack Ma and Ant Financial Services. The real power controlling the party and the Zhongnan Pit belongs to God Xi and Wang Qishan, and PingAn Lufax is theirs. So, it is becoming more self-evident, right?

There is no opportunity for ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing) to earn significant wealth through their own effort in China. You are only allowed to temporarily hold the wealth for the privileged during a certain period of time. Please mark my words today, which I have never told you before: Eventually, Ma Mingzhe will be more than 100 times worse off than Jack Ma. Fellow fighters, please keep that in mind. I once heard Dong Hong, a major running dog of Wang Qishan who has been arrested now, saying that when arresting Ma Mingzhe, it will be like the time when Emperor Qianlong arrested Heshen, taking away all his money and uprooting his whole network. No matter who intervenes, it will happen for sure. Whoever seized PingAn will be like holding a gold mine, right? Absolutely. I don’t have any personal grudge with Ma Mingzhe. When we met, he always said something like by looking at my face, he knew that I could make trillions dollars and my wealth would be comparable to that of a country’s if I got involved in the gambling business. All bullshits, right? Talking with foolishness and nonsense is the nature of people like him. And he told my fortune by reading my face? I daresay I would be more accurate at predicting his future and I could even tell all his past, present, and future life, right? 

I was stunned that many of our fellow fighters lost their money in the bloody looting of the Shanghai stock market. There is one thing that our fellow fighters may not know yet. One fellow fighter exchanged about 20 billion Euros for RMB through our channel, equivalent to more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, by giving Euros overseas and receiving RMB at home. He did this kind of reverse operation on the Shanghai stock market, and lost everything. Never have I seen a person who can earn many times more return from his investment on a CCP controlled market, and successfully realize that return. The best case is to record a paper profit, which would be just a number in an account. The CCP completely isolates the good things from the grassroots.

How can the Lao Bai Xing make big money when the economy and market are 100% controlled by the bigwigs in the CCP’s swamp? Even if you can temporarily hold the money, you will still have to hand it back to them in the end. Whether you are from the countryside, Beijing, or the Zhongnan Pit, only the very few families can have everlasting win in China. An example is Wang Jun, the former chairman of CITIC Group. After his death, the Zhongnan Pit ordered the continued protection of Wang Jun’s overseas wealth. Why? Because his father, Wang Zhen, suppressed and killed people in Xinjiang for the CCP. These murderous devils belong to the same gang, which is the CCP. Lao Bai Xing are the target to be slaughtered. Lao Bai Xing and the CCP are always opposed. Sooner or later, they will take your money. Maybe you are allowed to hold the money in your hands for a while, but there is no way that you can own the money, spend the money or use the money according to your will. 

This is where the CCP is evil and why we must take it down. Brothers and sisters, stop being naive. Are you still holding many properties? So many people will die because of greed and ignorance. In China, it is okay to have one house to live in. Do you still expect to make a fortune by investing in real estate and pass on the property to the next generation? Have you ever seen houses and real estate in any other country built on the land that does not belong to the house-owner? Can a child born through surrogacy be the same as the one raised by yourself? Some fellow fighters invested in dozens of properties, but this time they lost them all. A fellow fighter told me: “Brother Miles, I lost all my houses.” I said: “I can only congratulate you for losing your houses because you didn’t lose your life.” Brothers and sisters, please don’t let your ignorance and greed lead you into a disaster.

Brother and sisters, if we don’t take down the CCP, no one will have money, future, or a happy life. If you are still naive or hesitant on this issue, and you continue to be greedy, then please, go your own way. Oh, that is Trump’s home. Look, it is the brown one atop the tower. His family occupies the whole floor. There might be only two floors here, his and mine, that still have lighting. Yesterday, I saw him looked a little older, but his spirit was as good as before. His understanding of the CCP is more profound, which is incredibly great. Everybody, please look at the Manhattan block. It looks like an empty city. No one protests against Trump downstairs anymore. When he was president, there were protests every day. Yet, there is no one anymore now. I have got to go to the meeting.

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