Will “Nord Stream 2” Affect the Process of Eliminating the CCP?

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Let’s take a look at what the project “Nord Stream 2” is. Will it affect the relationship between the United States and Europe, and thus affect the process of extermination of the CCP?

The Project Nord Stream 2 is a natural gas pipeline project from Russia, bypassing Ukraine, to Germany directly, then distributed by Germany to all parts of Europe. It is planned to transport 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, and the project will cost about 10 billion U.S. dollars. Gazprom is the sole shareholder and bears half of the construction costs. The project was originally scheduled to be completed in 2020, and has now been 90% completed and are now temporarily suspended due to the US sanctions.

Here are some key words, let’s interpret them one by one.

Key word No.1: Ukraine. The annual demand for natural gas in Europe is about 500 billion cubic meters, 70% of which need to be imported, and Russia is one of the main suppliers of natural gas in Europe. Most Russian natural gas reaches Europe through Ukraine.

As we know that Ukraine is the gate to Russia. Nord Stream 2 bypassed Ukraine and went straight to Germany. If it is Nord Stream 2, surely there should be Nord Stream 1. Yes, it is shown in the red line on the map, which has been completed and are in use now.

Keyword No.2: “Distributed from Germany to all parts of Europe”. Germany has become Russia’s general distributor, and has mastered the distribution rights of European natural gas, which greatly strengthened Germany’s leadership in Europe as well as with huge profits.

Keyword No.3: Russia. Gazprom is an oligarch in Russia, and Putin is the real boss behind. The Russian company is the sole shareholder, which means that Russia has control of the pipeline.

Let’s see if this pipeline is completed and used, what impact will it have on Germany, Russia, Europe, the United States, and the world?

  1. If Russia controls the European natural gas market, it means it has a convenient weapon to control the Europe.
  2. While It provide Russia with a lot of money and profits , it also bind the countries along the pipeline tightly to form a “German-Russian Union”, which would be independent from the EU and the United States.
  3. It makes not only Germany, but entire Europe dependence on Russian for natural gas and it is a kind of “uncontrollable dependence”, posing a huge threat to Europe’s energy security.
  4. It will bring huge profits to Germany and enable it with more political influence and power to dominant.
  5. It means Russia’s political intentions can bypass the European Union and reach Germany directly. That is to say, the sanction and siege on Russian would be a total failure as it has got a back door in the middle of the European Union.

What more terrible scenario? Not only Russia, even the CCP can also influence the EU and confront the United States through this springboard! Do you still remember Hunter Biden’s association with Bohai Financial Holdings and Putin’s natural gas project revealed by the 3 Hard discs from the hell? In which President Biden also holds 10% of the shares? That is “Nord Stream. 2”! This is a project that the CCP secretly planned, promoted and will hugely benefited!

  • In 2020, President Trump halted this project and began to impose sanctions on the companies involved in the construction of the project.
  • On January 21, 2021, the first day after President Biden took office, on the last day of the plenary session, the European Parliament passed a resolution requiring the EU and Russia to immediately stop the construction of the “controversial” Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project.

The European Parliament stated in the resolution that as relations between the two sides have continued to deteriorate over the years, members of the European Parliament emphasized that EU countries should carefully review the cooperation platforms with Russia in foreign policy and engineering construction, including the “Nord Stream 2” natural gas pipeline project.

It also stated that the EU should not continue to welcome Russia’s investment with its “unknown” wealth. German Chancellor Merkel has repeatedly stated harshly that she would continue to complete Nord Stream 2 project with Russia and that the United States has no right to sanction it. She also accused the purpose of sanction was  that “the United States was able to sell its high-priced natural gas to Europe.”

This is the same comment the CCP’s has been on this project. The CCP criticizes the hegemony and unreasonableness of the “long-arm jurisdiction” of the United States. But it had never showed his sinister intentions behind the project, which shows how important this pipeline to the CCP.

Since Russia was sanctioned for its annexation of Crimea, this project, operated secretly by Ye Jianming from CCP’s Bohai Financial Controller, has provided combined huge economically benefit to Putin, Merkel, and Biden families. Not only those top families benefit financially, politically this is the project for Russia and China to gain considerably to fulfil their intended to form a “Germany-Russia-China” invisible alliance against the United States.

Not only those, consider the huge transaction volume, what if  USD was abandoned in the settlement and instead the CCP’s digital currency is used? What if the pipeline connects Iran with countries along the Black Sea? Will it lead to the formation of comprehensive network of oil, gas, technology and personnel in Europe? This is simply to help the CCP to lay a firm foundation of its “Evil Dictator alliance”, and to dismember the EU.

When the project started, the world was still at peace. The CCP was a friend of the West and the sponsor, and Biden personally involved in the project. Today, Biden insisted on Trump’s sanctions on this project. At least on the surface, it cut off the collusion with the CCP. Whether the project will be resumed or not depends on Germany and on whether Biden truly intended to fight against autocracy, as he claimed.

With the clarification of the world’s trend of extinction of the CCP, we believe that Europe will definitely stop this project for good. It shows how important it has been that the Whistleblower Movement has been revealing to the world the conspiracy and danger of the CCP. Also thanks to President Trump for suspending the project at the critical moment of completion in 2020. Otherwise, should the work is completed, the consequences will be disastrous!

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Reference: lavanguardia

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