[March 20, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (Freeearth & Antsee-GTV)

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[March 20, 2021] Video translation

Hello, dear fellow fighters. Today is March 20th. Because of today’s meeting, I got up early in the morning. I will have three or four meetings this morning, so I have to take a shower and put on a formal dress suit. There are three solemn meetings today.

Many people are talking about what happened yesterday: President Biden’s triple-fall when boarding Air Force One. This story exploded across the world and reached everyone. However, our Whistleblower Movement and our fellow fighters have experienced several years of fighting against the CCP. It was not beyond our expectations. Meanwhile, many people were saying, “Harris is going to take the stage.”

Fellow fighters, look at how pathetic and tragic the world’s media are. None of them will give you honest answers. Based on your personal experience, in the last three to four years, do not let anybody interfere with your knowledge of the truth. Is there one thing the media has told you the truth about? None. In this era of “intestinal constipation” caused by the media, their pronouncements are all nonsense. It is similar to the afterthought of Zhu Ge-Liang (the magic man of the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history). After the truth has already been revealed they will all jump on the truth and claim to be the ones who are uncovering it, but it will be too late. There is no disputing this point. They all pretend to be a fair and balanced intermediary. They filter out the truth. What is fairness? The left, the right, or a balance of left-and-right? Currently there are no facts at all. When you observe the Media’s coverage, you will realize that they are promoting sensationalism, not reporting the facts. So, human politics must change; religions must change; the media must change significantly. Currently, the media are complete nonsense, entirely manipulated by some elite families.

Yesterday, Biden fell multiple times as he climbed the stairs to his plane. The most significant fact about this is not whether Harris is going to take over as President. That will never happen. There are three critical issues. The most important issue is election integrity. President Trump’s tax returns have been the subject of investigation for several years. Trump’s Russia ties” and his tax returns are considered critical matters of honesty. 

Whether President Biden can or cannot continue his presidency will be judged based on his physical condition, and his son (Hunter Biden’s) association with the CCP and Ukraine – which is his critical weakness. The controversy related to Biden rests on two core problems. The stain of Hunter Biden’s connections with the CCP, and his own close personal relationship with “Nutty Xi.” We were told that President Trump was close to Putin. Nutty Xi and Putin are good friends. How do you think that this will influence the US? You have to look at the nature of the problem.

Here is the question. Biden’s triple-fall, has shed the spotlight on whether Biden’s presidency is legal. Did his doctors, his medical team, deliver an honest health report about him, which raised serious concerns about his capacity to be President? If the health report was falsified, or they deceived the American people, the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency is in question. If Biden’s Presidency was never legitimate in the first place, is it legal for Harris to be his successor? This is the true-or-false question that must be resolved.

Without even mentioning the Dominion Voting machines or any other form of election fraud, just the issue of Biden’s health report is a big deal. During the upcoming mid-term presidential election of 2022, or even before this, ordinary people may not be concerned about this issue, but inside the parties they must discuss it. Maybe the Democratic Party will impeach President Biden. This is the state of democratic politics in the US. Whether the question of is health report is true or false, whether it was manipulated or not, the fact that the system will eventually sort this out is much better than the CCP’s political system. There is no comparison. It is like a person who never bathes but speaks about hygiene. It is bullshit, isn’t it?

President Biden’s fall brought up significant issues: the legitimacy of the US presidential election and how long President Biden will be in the oval office. Before this incident Putin said: “I know you well, and I wish you health.”  Then, President Biden had his multiple falls.

In other words, Russia and Putin are well aware of the US President’s health condition and the implications of this. It’s not surprising to me, it is very predictable. Just as the US understands “Nutty Xi’s” health condition. It may not be 100% correct, but at least 90% accurate, or more. Every detail about these major countries’ leaders – their daily lives, living arrangements, families… even whether they pick their nose or rub the right eye or the left eye – is monitored. This is the result of our current high-tech monitoring world.

Fellow fighters, did you realize what would happen after yesterday’s accident? Firstly, it will benefit our New Federal State of China (NFSC) the most. Without a doubt, the conservatives will quickly return to power in the US. So, it is undoubtedly much better for the NFSC. Secondly, it will definitely be phenomenal for our mission to take down the CCP. Thirdly, the most important thing for everyone to understand is that the conservatives will return in the 2022 presidential midterm election. That’s also great for the NFSC. Furthermore, everybody should understand another reality: regardless of what the CCP is – it will be impossible for President Biden to come back under any circumstances. Impossible! His situation can only become more challenging and demanding. Not like the Alaska meeting, which is 100% acting, pure nonsense.

Next, the CCP will brag everywhere around the world. Simultaneously, they will do everything possible in mainland China to maintain the “rolling pin” economy, so that it does not collapse. The words of the CCP’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson were all a side-show of acting, including the first few minutes of the meeting. They also played several purposeful word-tricks during the conference, in order to be able to boast about it later. What was it all for? To con the world out of their money, resources, and support. A show for the ordinary Chinese people (Lao Bai Xing). Our compatriots always believe the CCP’s lies. And they will end up dying in them. Which I am now more convinced than ever will happen.

You will find that whether connected with the Whistleblower Movement, the NFSC, the mission to take down the CCP, China’s economy, or the Hong Kong crisis, very few people believe in the truth. Instead, many people believe in lies, which the “Nine-Fingered Demon Sara (VOG)” used to tell.  How can she deceive our fellow fighters into writing a will and give her their money? It is because you have money, and you believe her. You feel the story! This is the root cause of many disasters that happened to our Chinese compatriots. You cannot distinguish right from wrong, between true and false, and between good and evil. The CCP has been cheating for decades, and they always get their way. So, they brag everywhere.

Why did I say that President Biden’s falls introduced another problem? Because the US economy is over. Undoubtedly, our G-Series projects will usher in historic opportunities. But the US economy will definitely collapse. The consequences of: Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic rescue package; the expected fierce competition in the 2022 midterm presidential election with the Republican Party; the arguments about the origin of the CCP virus in the US, are becoming more evident. There is only one chance that the Democratic Party, President Biden, and Vice President Harris can turn the table. They have no choice but to take the CCP seriously and take them down.

Next, you will see the CCP taking risks on the Taiwan issue. Taiwan is really in danger. I am so worried. Since yesterday, I have been thinking about how our relatives and friends in Taiwan can avoid this disaster.  I worry about them and our fellow fighters in Taiwan – “Taiwan Daniu” and “Taiwan Bali.” I am seriously considering bringing them here. This is the core issue, brothers and sisters.

We must realize that the World is showing serious signs of cracks and becoming messy as a result of: President Biden’s falls; the performance in the Alaska conference; President Putin’s public intervention; “Nutty Xi” desperately propelling his “rolling pin” diplomacy and domestic economy; and Xi’s true ambition with respect to Taiwan. Can the world economy still maintain health in the face of all these issues? I don’t believe it.

So, brothers and sisters, you should get ready to ride a “roller coaster.” The world will not be calm or peaceful from the Chinese Lunar Geng Zi Year to the Xin Chou Year. More importantly, we must seize this opportunity to develop ourselves. There is no better situation for our NFSC, and our mission to take down the CCP. Any negative development? Name it.

As long as the world finally determines the source of all the chaos. That’s the critical point. This is why the Alaska talks did not raise the coronavirus issue. Because the CCP strongly demanded: “you are not allowed to blame us, even with a single word, on the issue of coronavirus.” And the US obeyed. But this is a big party, and it has just begun. It is forbidden to talk about the origin of the virus, about the American deaths, about the limited biological weapon, and the lack of action by the US. Has the US been bought, frightened, or both? Or, is there another, deeper, strategic consideration behind this forced silence? Maybe all of the above.

We will see, brothers and sisters. The show is really center-stage now. Let’s get ready for it!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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