The US and China Almost Went to A War in Taiwan Before January 20

In the March 15, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo, for the first time, revealed that on January 13, the U.S. and China almost went to a war in Taiwan. It was halted in the last minute because Taiwan was terrified and begged the two countries to stop. Then President Trump called off the operation in the last minute and wrote a long letter to Joe Biden to transfer the power to him. Otherwise, the CCP would have already been eradicated by now!    

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Do you recall in early January, the U.S. government announced that its Ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Craft, was going to visit Taiwan? A Cabinet member of the U.S. government was going to visit Taiwan, which few people were able to decipher thoroughly. Although I received the information, I could not tell you in advance. Now, many people told me, now that several U.S. newspapers and political websites have already reported it, including CNN and Politico, and people have already been aware of what happened, and Breitbart’s report is out too, so I may talk about what I know now. Also, please don’t forget what I told you around January 20. It was on January 16 that I had a dream. I dreamed that I contacted Pompeo, but he was not ready to leave the State Department at all. Do you know why? Let me tell you.

On January 13, the U.S. and China almost went to a war. The C40B aircraft that Kelly Craft was boarded had already taken off and was ready to fly to Taiwan on that day. The Japanese military bases were fully prepared. All relevant sea routes, air routes, escort, and security measures for U.S. diplomats’ traveling had been activated. The U.S. fleet in Japan and the South China Sea, and the U.S. aircraft carriers were ready to visit Taiwan. These were the U.S. military aircrafts to conduct the escort mission. All the nearby aircraft carriers had to be in position. This is a routine procedure. It is like all the security measures taken when I go home. The perimeter security, the middle circle security, the inner circle security, and inside security must be notified and be ready. You may not notice anything special, but all the security bodyguards are ready. In addition, there are also some bodyguards in plain clothes. All their military operations are conducted in a similar pattern. In Asia and throughout Europe, the navy and air forces were standing by for defense. It was a major military, paramilitary, and international operation. 

Then the CCP called, saying, “I am just calling to inform you, not to discuss with you.” What followed were the loud and clear words from their Central Military Commission Chairman, God Xi (Xi Jinping): “If any U.S. military aircraft dares to approach Taiwan, our military aircrafts would do it too. If the U.S. aircraft carriers dare to dock in Taiwan, we would do the same. If either the U.S. or Taiwanese opens fire, the PLA would immediately counterattack.”

Do you know what happened in the end? The U.S. didn’t back down. They said, “Fine, then let’s do it.” Secretary Pompeo and President Trump were waiting for this moment. What happened then? It turned out that Taiwan backed down, and they begged, “Please, American Lord and God Xi, please stop fighting. Can’t you see how scared I am? Taiwan can’t afford a war, and I beg you not to come.” That was it. Taiwan was begging for mercy from both sides, “Please don’t fight or come. We can’t afford to make either of you unhappy. If you insist on coming, then I will have to drill an underground tunnel and hide.” At that moment, the U.S. realized that the CCP was indeed prepared for a war. In the end, the U.S. military reported to President Trump and the State Department that if the U.S. military went to Taiwan, a hundred percent, there would be a war. Who called it off in the last minute? It was President Trump. Pompeo would never call it off because he was ready for a battle. Few people know this.

You may think that what I am telling you was all in my dreams, all nonsense [and it is up to you to believe it or not]. Just two days before [January 20] – hearsay or just a dream I had – Pompeo still hadn’t prepared to leave the State Department. Finally, it was President Trump who wrote a passionate, long letter to Biden, “I finally made a decision… I am transferring the power to you…” It was inaccurate that he wrote, “Joe, you know I won. I am the winner.” Maybe someday, this letter will be released. It was President Trump who took the initiative to transfer the power to Biden. If he had signed the order related to Taiwan, the CCP would have been taken down instantly.

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