3/27/2021 Miles Guo: CCP Has Never Stopped its “Plans” to Control the World and Kidnap the Chinese People in the Past 70 Years!

The biggest looting of wealth in 2008 was the accumulation of gold in the world in the hands of some people. No one has mentioned this topic except Miles Guo. Fellow fighters should trust their own judgement instead of being swayed by the media. Mr. Guo has said since 2007 that the CCP would create trouble in the Strait of Hormuz or several other strategically located canals so as to control Europe, America and the Middle East. The most evil and powerful part of the CCP is that it has been plotting to kidnap the Chinese people and let their offspring rule the world for 70 years. Mr. Guo has being “hunted” by the CCP just because he saw through their secrets.

By: 【秘密翻译组G-Translators】

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24 days ago

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