[March 23, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

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[March 23, 2021] Video translation

Oops, March 23rd, March 23rd. I just finished working out. I’ll broadcast to everybody again.

Alas, brothers and sisters, I have got lots of news during my workout. Many fellow fighters in China were deceived by cheaters. For example, the fake Jiang Mi, who posed as the singer Jiang Mi but was actually a fake, may have conned our fellow fighters out of hundreds of thousands of US dollars. In addition, under the name of our Himalaya Farms or our fellow fighters, someone has defrauded others of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

This morning, I told a fellow fighter in Shanghai who was cheated for the first time. I told him: “the money you were conned out of, Brother-7 will not take responsibility for even one penny.”  And whoever is defrauded again, Brother-7 will not take responsibility. Because it is unacceptable that you are deceived in this way. I have repeatedly told you, brothers and sisters, you should have some common sense. You can’t entrust your money to any uncertified fellow fighter or “farm.”

Let me repeat this: Himalaya Farms in South Korea, you absolutely cannot touch any money issue, not even a penny, because you cannot transfer the money out. In addition, our fellow fighters should not make any money transaction with quasi-farms unless you have confirmed all information with the certified head of the quasi-farms or the head of Himalaya Farms himself, and unless you have approved the transaction through both audio and video confirmation. After you make any money transaction, you should confirm it with the Himalaya Alliance Committee, confirming that they have received the money. Some fellow fighters gave money to a third party and thought they could register to purchase G-Coins. In fact, we did not receive your money at all. This is terrible. Fellow fighters, we are not afraid of being poor, but if we are poor and ignorant, that is terrible. In that case, even if there is no CCP, we cannot be saved. For you are so ignorant, brothers and sisters.

Another issue is, I repeat again: nobody is allowed to hold G-coins for others without permission from Himalaya Farms. You can purchase G-coins on behalf of others, but you cannot keep them on others’ behalf. Keeping G-coins on behalf of others is absolutely not allowed. Another thing is that someone scammed fellow fighters in the name of Brother-7. Somebody claimed: “I have had video chats with Brother-7, I have sent him my videos, I can represent Brother-7”. Let me tell my fellow fighters again: any head of Himalaya Farms, no matter who he/she is, even the emperor, if they promise you G-Coin, G-Dollar, G-Club, or G-Fashion in the name of Brother-7 without permission, they are liars. Nobody is allowed to deceive fellow fighters in the name of Brother-7. Whether through audio or video, they should not suggest and ask you to pay them money. I repeat again, I beg my fellow fighters again: nobody should cheat you out of your money in the name of Brother-7. I found several ‘so-called’ well-known “heavy hitters” hidden and harboring in a few Himalaya Farms. They stretched out their hands, already stretched out their hands – five fingers, not four fingers.

This is the devil, the bastard, the “Nine-Fingered Demon Sara (VOG),” who has harmed people in the world. How many more “Saras” have been exposed one-by-one. As things progressed, everyone was exposed. It’s not that Brother-7 doesn’t know who Jiang Gan is or how to use Jiang Gan. However, I must tell everyone. I have already told you. I have already pointed out. I have not given any room for Jiang Gan to lie to you. For the situation with Sara (VOG), I take full responsibility, but if other fellow fighters are deceived again, I take no responsibility.  Because if I accept responsibility for this, I encourage you to relax your vigilance, and many more people will be deceived. Brother-7’s kindness will destroy many people. So, I can’t do that. Understand, brothers and sisters? I repeat again: do not let anybody embezzle your money using videos of Brother-7 or in the name of Brother-7. Anybody who prevents you from contacting the Himalaya Alliance personally, or who keeps you out of the Himalaya Farms, is not a trustworthy person. Any head of a Himalaya Farm who prevents you from reaching other fellow fighters in the farm, or members of the Himalayan Alliance Committee, is not a trustworthy person. Anybody who promises to help you hold and purchase (G products), but does not let you know where your money is going, and does not give you a signed document, and who will not give you their identity, is not a trustworthy person. This is not normal.

Even if we don’t do anything else, at least we can’t allow our fellow fighters to be cheated again. To be honest, most of our fellow fighters’ sum of money combined is less than the investment of some individual fellow fighters. We want to make our fellow fighters rich, but we cannot allow them to be deceived, brothers and sisters.

The CCP is still engaged in “Wolf Warrior diplomacy”. Wolf warrior diplomacy, sheep in sheep’s clothing. The CCP thinks that it is a Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing. We must be careful. There are actual wolves “in sheep’s clothing” around you who are harming you, especially the wolves disguised as part of our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China’s (NFSC).  You should confirm with a certified Himalaya Farm and head of the farm through video and audio. After you have sent the money, within 24 hours, you should confirm receipt with the Himalaya Alliance Committee. If you can’t get in touch with them, do not worry about being a burden on me, you contact me, and I will reply to you. If I find out which farms are doing something in secret, deceiving us, they must be excluded. Is that okay, brothers and sisters? Is that okay?

Oops, I just blew my nose. When I heard that my fellow fighters were cheated, I was so unhappy. Brothers and sisters, being deceived is actually a kind of humiliation to you. It proves that you have a low IQ. It demonstrates that others scorn your ability and humiliates your personality. Being deceived is a shameful, shameful thing.

So, brothers and sisters, this Sara (VOG), Chen Qisheng, and Zhao Min, that Jonathan – what is Jonathan’s nickname? “Leeks or leeks to be harvested?” – and that PJ Pan must go to jail. They will go to jail for sure.

Some people think that they are hiding in some small country and can’t be found. You think we cannot see you? It is impossible, impossible. The programs that Mr. De is broadcasting now is excellent. But I have repeatedly said: a citizenry and a country without the rule of law cannot be moral, morality cannot be maintained there. You must have regulations first so that morals can be defended and respected. Therefore, we must have laws. Mr. De’s show is great. One more thing, Mr. De talked about Confucianism in Chinese history, about China’s Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. I think he did it very well. We must practice both morals and laws. Practice both. Whenever I say “Double Practice” – (Tantric Sexual Practices of Tibetan Buddhism with youngster). Ha-ha! Am I deeply influenced by Chen Feng? 

Oops, there are so many meetings today, and there are many, many good things happening. I have to go to eat, brothers and sisters. I beg everyone, please don’t be fooled anymore. Don’t be cheated anymore. Okay?  

Brothers and sisters, thank you. I will live broadcast tomorrow morning, casual chatting only. Broadcast at 9:30 tomorrow morning, okay? So be it, live broadcast tomorrow morning. There are too many fellow fighters asking me to go live. But there are too many things I have to do. I will shower, eat quickly, then have a series of meetings until 8pm today – so many things to do. I am not happy seeing our fellow fighters being cheated.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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