[Mayflower Event] Marching into People’s Hearts

Mayflower Writer Team | Reporter: Amy Q | Editor: Jamie | Publish & Art design: Destroying the CCP Cosmos

Boston, sunny, 50 degrees, 8:30 a.m., March 27. The city was bathed in sunlight, the street was quiet. The windy morning made it difficult for us to decide to wear the T-shirts with the logo of the New Federal State of China with or without our coats. More people arrived in droves while we were preparing. It gave people a sense of achievement when being able to help, even just handing out t-shirts and caps, and those little flags. Waking up at 6:00 or 4:00 in the morning totally worth it.

Two hours had passed during the joyful busyness. Everyone got to see each other’s half-covered face and tried to match it with the right name. For some people who came for the first time, the thrill of more than hearing their brothers-in-arms’ voices through the internet was exceptionally cheerful. 

The activity started around 10:30 AM as the whistles were sounded. Some were waving the flags (both American flag and flag of the New Federal State of China), some were holding the placards, some were giving out leaflets, some were livestreaming. As we were walking to wider roads, we shouted out our slogans, which attracted a lot of attention. Attention is exactly what we expect. 

Some passersby would stop in for a while, and we would answer any question they have. Boston got warmer at noon, the sky was so clear and bright. And so were the people’s minds. Not everyone was blinded, not everyone was cheated by lies. There were people who listened patiently, nodded from time to time, and wished us luck with the parade. The meaning of all of this was more than about this activity, but the truth and awakening, and the whole Whistleblower Movement. 

We crossed the Charles River and countless streets, we stopped at MIT, Harvard Medical School, and Boston University. Along the way, there were people looking at us, smiling at us, waving at us. There were also people who ignored us, raised their eyebrows, or told us to go away. But that’s okay. Because we are confident about the truth that we are spreading – CCP Virus is Lab-Made bioweapon. And truth doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. Whether they rejected our flyers or initially asked for one, no one can stop the truth.

The 7.5 mile-long march gave us sore backs and dry throats. It also gave us an unforgettable memory of the kindness and supports from random strangers. March 27, we didn’t only march in Boston, like a troop of an Army, we marched into people’s hearts. Wake up people, here comes the truth.

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