[Opinion] Asian Hate Crimes Report Part 3: The Real Reason Behind the Uprise in Racial Asian Violence

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A few days ago, shootings at three massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia were targeted, resulting in a tragedy of 8 deaths. Six of the deceased were identified as Asians, which shined the spotlight once again on racial hatred against Asians.

One of the three massage parlors where the Atlanta shooting took place. Source: Associated Press

The judicial investigation of the case is still in progress. Judging from the photos of the suspect released by the police, the assailant was a white male. However, it is too early to conclude that the suspect who committed the crime is one who supports Trump’s “virus speech,” because there have been many serious violent attacks on Asians, blacks, and other minorities. Antifa members and many whites have also committed violent crimes. Therefore, it is very sloppy to use skin color to judge the motives of such a brutal mob. But at the same time, we have seen on the Internet large foreign propaganda platforms and leftist mainstream media that have an association with the Chinese Communist Party. The leftist mainstream media are guided by opinions and one-sided stereotypes, as they label the attack as a white supremacist’s revenge. The media has long lost the neutrality and objectivity that it should have. This is also making people more aware of the deep forces behind this storm that try to conceal the truth and guide public opinion.

A. Why are the investigations of Asian hate crimes always surface-level and lack an effective chain of evidence?

So far, there has not been a crime directed at Asians with evidence that the criminals support Trump, nor has there been a crime hating Asians showing support from white supremacist organizations. Without conducting a more in-depth investigation of the motive for the crime, it cannot be ruled out whether these thugs were instigated and funded by certain organizations by hearing whether the criminals spoke of the virus and insulted the Asian victims. These organizations have created the illusion of revenge due to the virus to achieve certain ulterior goals, thereby diverting attention away from the source of the virus, and taking the opportunity to discredit the ethnic groups who have been politically suppressed because of their support for Trump. If there is no investigation of the criminal’s past, position, and the criminal’s one-sided remarks when committing the crime, the case can be closed hastily. Assimilating a murder case when the public prosecutor does not seek evidence to refute the criminal and expose his wrongdoing. While we loudly condemn violent crimes, we should also call on the judicial authorities to investigate in accordance with the law, provide a convincing chain of evidence, and publicize the criminal motives of such cases in order to find out the source of the chaos.

Some media use white supremacy as the cause of the racial conflict between Asians and Africans without evidence

Since last year, violent crimes against Asian Americans in the United States rose by 1,900%, which is a heartbreaking figure. But we must also see that violent crimes against all ethnic groups in the country are also on the rise. This is not unrelated to the Democratic Party’s policy of condoning crime and the riots of leftist extreme forces such as Antifa and BLM. In the last year alone, violent crimes in Portland, Oregon increased by 2500%. Obviously, Asians are not the only victims of this wave of violence that has spread across the country since last year, and the virus is not the only reason for the surge in violence. The key to stopping violence and chaos is not to create more emotional accusations without evidence, but to conduct judicial investigations, sternly pursue accountability, and trust people. We should not give thugs any excuses for violence, nor give violent crimes any chance to cultivate and develop.

The leftist media defined COVID-19 and its variants as the source of the virus, but only criticized Trump’s remarks as discriminatory

B. Has the media exaggerated the influence of Trump’s comments?

In this intensified storm of hatred against Asians, rational and vigilant people recognize this flavor of a meddlesome dilemma; this is a phenomenon that has constantly appeared in the four years of Trump’s administration. These people would frame Trump for everything and anything! Trump’s words and actions have been infinitely magnified by the media and have been tagged with heinous labels. However, his four years of effort to save the United States and combat the Chinese Communist Party have been gently erased by the leftist media. In Trump’s speech before Congress, he used the phrase “fight like hell,” and although he mentioned “peacefully” afterward, it was to no avail. It is notable that Democratic officials also use the expression “fight” on various occasions. Leftists still labeled Trump as an instigator of congressional violence and therefore launched his second impeachment. Trump’s statement that the virus originated from China is the basis for the leftists’ attack on him for inciting violence against Asians. Although Chinese people would prefer Trump to use the term, “CCP virus,” rather than the term, “China virus,” which will only give opponents an edge, reasonable people understand that this definition only follows the history of the source of the virus. The term defines the place of origin, like Spanish flu, African swine fever, British mad cow disease, the South African variant of the new coronavirus, as well as the British variant. These terms did not cause racial discrimination to the people of the country of origin. Not to mention that Trump has repeatedly praised Chinese Americans for their contributions to the United States and said that the virus has nothing to do with the Chinese people. All these variables have disappeared in the propaganda of the leftist media, just like the CCP’s method of controlling public opinion and portraying Trump as a racist.

On YouTube, Trump was interviewed by the media about vaccine support and netizens’ comments.

At the same time, the media seems to have deliberately exaggerated the influence of Trump’s remarks. Is the real situation really as the left describes it? Will Trump supporters impulsively do whatever he asks or says? Recent examples were found to prove that this is not the case. Previously, Trump said in an interview with Fox News that he had vaccinated himself and believed that the vaccine was effective. However, judging from the comments at the bottom of the show, many people who support Trump did not agree with his suggestion. A considerable number of the audience said in the comments: Thank you for your suggestion, but I will not accept a vaccine without sufficient evidence of its safety. It is convincing and easy to support Trump because he is consistent with our beliefs and values ​​in advocating safety and law, emphasizing fairness and justice. This does not mean that we unconditionally agree with his every word. It does not mean that we have to go against the original intention of the conservatives to respect the rule of law and justice because of his suggestions. The law and order that Trump has repeatedly emphasized is just a mask for alternate criminal motives.

C. Will the investigation of the source of the virus stop because of fear of expanding racial hatred?

This global virus crisis has brought great pain to the entire world. Investigation of the root cause of this crisis is the common endeavor of worldwide governments, as every country has been victimized. It’s a pity that we have seen some voices of opposition in this storm of violence against Asians. These voices attempt to divert people’s anger and retribution over the source of the virus and convince people that tracing the source of the virus will lead to racial discrimination against the Chinese people. These voices come from many pro-communist Chinese organizations and leftist media. These voices deliberately conceal the call for criminal background and motive investigations, in an attempt to make people simply believe that the “China virus” is the root of all violence. They conceal the fact that failure to find out the source of the virus will plunge the world into a greater crisis. In an attempt to make people mistakenly think that investigating the source of the virus will bring harm to Asians, they forcefully associate the evil done by the CCP with the Chinese people.

Society pays attention to the CCP’s efforts to hide the source of the virus

If we blur the focus, in light of these violent incidents, and abandon the investigation and punishment of perpetrators, we will be caught up in the CCP’s tricks. Consequently, Chinese people and Trump supporters will be slandered as thugs and become secondary victims. The extremist organizations instigated by the CCP dodged the blame and became the biggest beneficiaries of violence against Asians.

D. We need to find more data that has been deliberately erased by the leftist media and foreign propaganda.

Investigations dealing with the root cause of these violent crimes against Asians need to happen, whether the perpetrators are white supremacists who hate the virus or left-wing extremist organizations deliberately creating gimmicks to profit from. As long as there are sufficient sources of information, combined with fair investigations by relevant departments, we must find out. This is not difficult and a reasonable expectation. Even though the information on the Internet is very limited, we must ask the following question to the relevant fact-finding departments:

1. When mapping out where Asian hate crimes took place, what do you notice?

In a report issued by the Stop Anti-AAPL Hate organization on crimes against Asians, comparisons can be made in 2019 and 2020. It’s clear to see the top five regions with the fastest rising crime rate. The top four are all governed by the Democratic Party. New York has soared to 800%. Obviously, the more areas that do not support Trump, the higher the incidence of hate crimes. Ironically, Stop Anti-AAPL Hate, which was established in January 2020 with the purpose of stopping viral hate crimes, was premeditated before the rise of virus hate crimes. The three units that initiated this organization were mainly active in San Francisco and New York, and they were the first to initially “prevent” them. The places where the hate crimes were supposed to be prevented the most ended up becoming a breeding ground for them. In this report, it is also mentioned that the few states that have committed the least crimes against Asians, such as Alabama, Wyoming, Iowa, Mississippi, and other states, all supported Trump predominantly in 2020. Again, this is supposedly the root cause of the crimes against Asians, questionable. If relevant departments can draw up the latest, subdivided crime distribution maps in each county, they will be able to see more accurately which areas have experienced Asian violence. These counties will have inevitably been more supportive of Trump in the 2020 election. If we look at Biden’s counties (Democratic counties) and compare the crime rates, it is indisputable which political policies lead to lower crime rates.

Source: Stop Anti-AAPL Hate

2. Can an analysis report on the identity, background, and criminal history of the perpetrator be issued? An incomplete report was found on the case of violence against Asians from an official website called the Anti-Discrimination League (ADL). This report simply extracts the time, place, and descriptions of some of the victims. The criminals have no listed name, age, or identity. There is no additional judicial investigation, follow-up trial, lack of criminal records, and no in-depth exploration of whether extremist organizations support these motives of committing crimes.

Source: ADL.org

3. Can the facts be disclosed as soon as possible, and the results of the investigations brought to light to avoid prejudgment by public opinion? In this raging storm, the mainstream media seems to be discussing the issue of feuding violence against Asians, but in reality, it is the prejudgment of Trump and his supporters. This can be seen in the Citizen Free Press report on the Atlanta shooting. On one hand, many netizens reading the report expressed their anger and condemnation of the inhumanity displayed by these criminals. On the other hand, some people also questioned why in the past many news reports of ethnic minorities attacking Asians did not show photos of the suspect, and this time in Atlanta when the murder suspect was white, it was reported and shown right away. As soon as this crime happened, who knows whether it will pave the road for the Democratic Party to crack down on Trump supporters and introduce a gun ban following the January 6th Congressional Hill raid. In the face of public doubts, the judiciary department should play its role in safeguarding fairness, punishing evil, promoting good, investigating, and reporting publicly promptly to save the increasingly fragile trust crisis between the people and the government.

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