[March 22, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

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[March 22, 2021] Video translation

Esteemed fellow fighters. I just rushed to the shower because I’ve spent the whole day having meetings. But I received messages from many fellow fighters saying: “Brother-7, please send out the video you recorded but didn’t send out this morning. Besides, what kind of war did you stop?”

It is a big war. Snow (Brother-7’s dog) has been in a bad mood recently. There are ants on the road, he bites them. When he sees the bodyguards passing by, he keeps biting. Sometimes I am far away, and when I walk back onto the lawn, he also bites me. As a result, I go out holding him and I find that he keeps biting at a sculpture of a deer. In the end, I figured out the reason why Snow always bites. Then I solved the problem wisely. He has never bit anybody since then, nor does he bite the innocent ants. The solution? I will not say more.

Let’s talk about the CCP’s “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy”. A sheep in sheep’s clothing wants to be a wolf. But being a wolf is not enough, the CCP want to be a “wolf warrior.” Now the whole world has to confront a “crazy dog”, a “war wolf,” a “sheep in sheep’s clothing,” and a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The whole world is focusing on the topic of the CCP.

Brothers and sisters, before 2017, when the CCP implemented the “One Belt One Road” initiative, HNA spread its cheques all over the world and signed contracts everywhere. At that time, topics like “China is a waking lion,”. Can you hear any statements like that now? Only from those politicians who occasionally pop up to accept more bribes. Anyone else?

Let’s review history. As long as the CCP went to kiss Russia’s ass and seek their support, there definitely was an “all-weather strategic relationship” between them.  For all intents and purposes it was an “alliance”. But to avoid it being called an “alliance,” or breaking the promise of alignment, China and Russia called it an “all-weather strategic partnership”. We call it a “buddy relationship” in our daily life. If you are not sworn brothers, be in a “buddy relationship”. But what is the difference between sworn brothers and a “buddy relationship”. It is all the same. They just made it up.

So, brothers and sisters, you see that the CCP is publicly standing with Russia. Check history. But you don’t need to check it too far back – just 500 years. Or you can trace it from Peter the Great. See what happened in history when the China-Russia relationship was (supposedly) at its best. These were all signs. 

I think, these eight leaders in the “Zhongnanhai (Beijing)” group together are less powerful than just one arm of Putin. The CCP is not on Putin’s level.  Honestly, if you’ve ever dealt with Putin in your life, you’ll know that he is a born politician. Putin is far superior to them at playing the game of politics, military affairs and international diplomacy. After Yeltsin handed over power to Putin, he rescued the mayor of Moscow and sent him out of Russia. He also preserved the Yeltsin family’s domestic core interests. Yeltsin once said: “for a hundred years in Russia there has never been a person like Putin, who really understands both Russian and international politics! Putin is the man!”

International politics is about strength. International diplomacy and international politics are about power diplomacy. At home, it is rogue diplomacy and thug politics. It depends on who can play it. Putin came from the KGB, and he plays with intelligence. How can you play with him? He was born and grew up in St. Petersburg – to get a good understanding of his family and to grow. “Zhongnanhai” is playing a game with him that is really too childish. The sad thing is: China will usher in a greater disaster today. The last thing the New Federal State of China (NFSC) wants is any deaths before the CCP finished.

When talking about this, we must mention Marxism and Leninism. They came to China and made China so miserable. Finally, Marxists, Leninists, Communists are standing with Russia again. People in both countries will suffer. We will see. Recently, when my Russian friends contacted me, they asked for my opinion. I said: “I wish that people in both countries will suffer less” That is it. We can only hope for the best.

However, sometimes God makes his judgment. The holders of real power in the two countries are the current controllers of the state apparatus: Zhongnanhai in Beijing, and Putin in Moscow. It is difficult to say what will happen. But one thing is beyond doubt: the CCP will be finished. And it will finish quickly. We just hope it finishes in favor of the people.

Just like I said on the second day of the second lunar month, when I talked about how Meng’s mother educated her son. She realized that when her son visited the cemetery, her son would learn to cry. When they arrived at the slaughterhouse, her son would learn how to be a butcher. When they were near school, her son would learn etiquette. That was the way she educated her son. 

The country’s subjects are the same, the people are the same, and we are the slaves. The fake, dark, ugly, evil, deceit that the CCP has delivered to us everywhere. In Tibet people want to pray for blessings in the temples by saying: “thank you to the Buddha, Bodhisattva, “Empress Yang “,”Duke Wang”, “Nutty Xi” and “Zhongnanhai”. These people are all Bodhisattva manifestations. Tibet will usher in an era of “religious freedom.” The West is over.

In the border towns of Heilongjiang province people are all going to the streets to dance Yangko and celebrate. The CCP informed the towns by saying: “the Chinese have finally become tough”. During past anti-corruption campaigns the slogan was: “strengthening iron requires one’s own hardship”. Now, they don’t need to say it, because they are already tough, and they are even tough on the world. In Alaska U.S. imperialism was so messed up. It turned the actual wolf into a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

This country, this nation. The government indoctrinates people by telling them that their biological fathers and mothers do not love them as much as the CCP does. These “party fathers” and “party mothers” educate people like that. It is fake, ugly, and evil.

Brothers and sisters, if you have domestic relatives, you have a good understand of how crazy the country is. I really cannot tolerate it, but I don’t know what to say. Is it mad or not? It is all normal for the CCP, which can do such crazy things. The entire country and nation are indeed in hell. Will it result in a hellish disaster or a critical moment of rebirth?

Take a good look at what the domestic economy is like. Everything collapses except real estate. The CCP counts on real estate to save them. The Chinese people don’t have any dreams, just a house. It seems that the house can make you live longer, the house can cure your illness, the house can provide you with food. How many acres of wheat can be planted in your house? A small group of people are dreaming of a miracle in the stock market, the “rolling pin” stock market. The remaining time they read rumors, circulate gossip, and talk about “wolf warrior diplomacy.” What can we do about this?

My phone is about to explode. I cannot read messages on all the mobile phones I have. How can our compatriots, our relatives and family members behave like this? Brothers and sisters, beware of how you spend every moment. Every second can make a difference in how it increases or reduces hatred of the CCP, China, and the Chinese people.  Mankind has only one NFSC and one Whistleblower Movement which is making efforts to separate the Chinese people from the CCP.

Consider how many people are facing difficulties around us. For reasons of personal privacy, I cannot reveal to many details, but this morning several of my good friends told me that they are all infected with the virus. Some of them don’t want to live anymore. 

I have no time today, that’s all for today. Be cautious of the CCP virus. Fellow fighters, you mustn’t be careless. you mustn’t be careless.

I will live broadcast on Wednesday morning, okay? I have no time today.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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