【Audio】Shocking: Former CCP Military Leader promoted “National Rejuvenation and Extension to the Whole World” (2/10)

The following is adapted from a internal speech delivered by former Chinese Communist Secretary of Defense Chi Haotian during a secret meeting of high-ranking military officers in 2004.

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Audio: 2/10

(Continued from 1/10)

Chi Haotian, also spelled as Chih Hao-tien, is a retired general of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.  He served as the former Vice Chairman of the Military Commission of the Communist Party of China from 1995 to 2002.  Chi played an important role in directing the military’s enforcement of martial law in Beijing to suppress the Tiananmen Square Protests.  His speech told a lot about the mindset and strategies the CCP leaders have held for years.  We find his speech disturbing but eye-opening in understanding the attitude of the Chinese Communist Party towards the people, both in China and in the world.

Awakening to the CCP’s criminal behaviors to Chinese people, its BGY plan executed among influential people all over the world, and especially with the CCP virus  swallowing every corner of the world, we find strong relation between the disasters and the CCP’s mindset reflected in this report.  We decided to make this translation available to the world.

Our “development” refers to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Of course, this rejuvenation will not be limited to our current land, of course, it will extend to the whole world.)

Why do we say that?

Comrade Liu Huaqing, the leader of our party’s older generation, and Comrade He Xin, our party’s young strategist, have repeatedly emphasized the theory of shifting the center of world civilization. Our slogan for rejuvenating China is based on this idea. You can look through our newspapers and periodicals over the years and check it online to find out who in our party first put forward the slogan of national rejuvenation. Comrade He Xin first proposed it. Do you know He Xin? Although he rolled up his sleeves and trouser legs when he gave the report, which seemed annoying and like trying to fight with others, his historical perspective is a valuable asset of our party.

This question must be discussed from the beginning.

As we all know, according to the views propagated by Western scholars, all human beings on the earth originated from the same mother in Africa; so there is no ethnicity that has racial superiority. But according to the research of most of our Chinese scholars, we Chinese are different from other races on the earth, not originating from Africa; instead, we are originating independently from the present land of China. Our familiarized Chinese apes in Zhoukoudian represent a stage of development of our ancestors. China’s ongoing “Chinese Civilization Discovery Project” seeks to fully explore the origin, progress, and development of ancient Chinese civilization. In the past, it has always been said that “the Chinese civilization is five thousand years old “. And now, many of our experts engaged in archaeological, national culture and regional cultural, and historical research believe that the new discoveries of Northeast Hongshan Culture, Zhejiang Liangzhu Culture, Sichuan Jinsha Site, and Hunan Yongzhou Emperor Shun Cultural Site further clarify the early Chinese civilization. The state of existence proves that the history of Chinese rice farming culture alone can be extended to 8000 to 10,000 years ago, thus breaking the old belief of “Five thousand years of Chinese civilization”.

So we can say that we have “over one-million-year cultural root, thousands of years of progress of civilization, five thousand years of stateship, and two thousand years of Chinese entity”. This is what we are proud of as we claimed to be the Chinese nation and “the descendants of Yanhuang”. If Hitler’s Germany preached that their Germanic nation was the most superior nation on earth, then our nation is much more superior than theirs.

Because of our long history, the people of our nation have long spread across to the Americas and the Pacific Rim. They became the Indians in the Americas and the East Asian races in various regions of the South Pacific. 

As you all know, by virtue of our national superiority, at the time of our great Tang Dynasty, our civilization development had reached the peak of the world, and no other civilization in the world could be on par with us, and we were the center of the world civilization. When later on the subsequent self-imposed closure and seclusion on our part, Western civilization surpassed us, and the center of world civilization was shifted to the West. 

While reflecting on history, we are naturally concerned about whether the world’s center of civilization will revert to China?

Comrade He Xin in 1988 wrote the following in his report to the Party Central Committee.

If the center of world domination has been in western Europe since the 18th century, and it has shifted to the United States from the middle of the 20th century, then in the 21st century, the center of world domination will shift to the east of the Earth. “The East” is, of course, largely China.

In fact, Comrade Liu Huaqing pointed out a similar idea as early as the mid-1980s. Through his historical analysis, Liu stated (sought to prove) that the center of world civilization was shifting, from the East to Western Europe, then to the United States, and now back to the East. Therefore, if the 19th century is the century of Britain, the 20th century is the century of the United States, then the 21st century is the century of China.

Consciously recognizing this historical law and inviting the advent of the Chinese century is exactly the mission that history has given our Party. As you know, at the end of the last century we built Chinese Century Temple in Beijing. At the moment of the arrival of the new century, the leadership of the Party Central Committee held a pledging meeting there to welcome the Chinese century, holding up the Zhou-Kou-Dian torch. In doing so, we made the realization of the Chinese Century the goal of our Party, in accordance with the laws of history.

Later, in the political report of the 16th National Congress, we wrote in the great goal of national rejuvenation, and also clearly declared in the new party constitution that our party is the vanguard of the Chinese nation. All these are significant developments of Marxism and reflect the courage and daring of our Party. Marx and others have never said that the Communist Party was the vanguard of any nation, nor did he say that national rejuvenation could be the slogan of the Communist Party. Even Comrade Mao Zedong, the great national hero, only dared to raise the banner of “world proletarian revolution”. Even Mao did not venture to shout out loud the slogan of national rejuvenation.

We must hold the flag high embracing our national rejuvenation to welcome the arrival of the Chinese century. What do we do to achieve the Chinese century? We must draw on the valuable experience of human history, grasp all the best achievements of human civilization and learn from the lessons of other peoples.

(to be continued in 3/10)


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The translated text is the literal translation and interpretation done by the translator as faithful as possible to the original text of the author. The translator does not make any form of express or implied guarantee for the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the information cited in the report. All views expressed in the report belong to the author himself, and do not represent any organization or other individual.

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