Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on March 27th, 2021

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1. The price of gold was at $1,020 an ounce in 2008, and at $1,800 an ounce in today’s market. The current legal official amount of gold worldwide is 300,000 tons, de facto about $100 trillion in circulation. When the financial crisis hit in January to March of 2008, the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury said that the US economy was very strong and there would not be a major financial crisis.

We were the only ones who first sold off Pangu, Jinquan, and Yuda at the peak of Beijing 2008 Olympics games and got into high-quality financial stocks, all of which have since risen to dozens of times more. At the time, the price of gold sat at about $1,000 an ounce, and many had predicted it would soar; instead, its value dropped 20% and demand was down 40%. When the global financial crisis hit, gold began to plummet, and the swamp seized gold in a predatory way to profit.

Governments around the world possess 20% of the world’s gold, 50%-57% are in the hands of the swamp, the biggest wealth looting in 2008 was the unprecedented accumulation of the world’s gold into a small number of people. All the gold on the market over the last 50 years add up to 30,000 tons, now it is 300,000 tons, 57% is 170,000 tons, so where did those 100,000 tons go? Not a single university wants to hone in on the matter, even if you do, you will be banned, just like in the US election.

Demand for gold declined in 2020, much like it did in 2007. By and large, falling of the official gold price indicates that an economic crisis is emerging. In 2007, 2008, and 2020, gold demand was down, but its price rose, and it fluctuated up and down for some time, stealing your money.

2. I was the only one in the world who said five years ago that the Strait of Hormuz would be used in the fundamental starting strategy for world economic turmoil, the CCP would create economic hardship and energy supply issues for the United States, the West, and Europe, as well as set up their layout in the Middle East. Belt and Road Initiative aims at the gold and oil prices and the world energy supply price; the price of oil will certainly affect that of gold.

I dare to say this because I know of CCP’s series of plans. CCP’s most evil trait is that they have been doing one thing for the past seventy years – dominating the world, holding all humans hostage, and positioning their descendants all over the world. My knowledge of the white extermination plan and the South Putuo plan is the reason that I am being hunted by the CCP.

Never in my life have I seen a wealthy man make his fortune by speculation, which will ruin your reputation and rip apart your family. Even if the US economy does not collapse, it still will encounter significant disasters, Japan and Europe will follow, not even to mention the CCP.

The price of gold has doubled in the last decade or so, which is why our G-series uses gold as a reserve. I created G-Coin and G-Dollar to let everyone invest, not speculate. You will never lose money on G-Dollar, G-Coin has the opportunity to make big money, and it is the best comprehensive tool for your long-term investment, or even short-term arbitrage. If G-Coin came into being in 2007, it would be worth more than $50,000 a piece today, and the inflated one to two trillion dollars would definitely buy into G-Coin, and the swamp would have used it as a safe investment as well. Therefore, G-Coin and G-Dollar are safe and risk-free investment projects and certainly not speculative projects, and those who want to speculate will definitely lose out. Fellow fighters who want to earn quick money should not invest in G-Coin or G-Dollar. If a person invests only on the basis of a momentary feeling and employs speculation to earn fast money of a large sum, then the wealth you have will be your curse.

3. “Nine-fingered devil” (Sara) is murdering for money. There are fellow fighters who have some mercifulness and without awareness; will you be able to keep yourself safe after you have money?! Kindness and cowardice are two different things, kindness and selfishness are two different things, kindness and incompetence are also two entirely different things!

Lude’s kindness put himself in danger many times, a bunch of people had almost pushed him into a trap. His commentary in his broadcast have absolutely no problem, but his ability to discern people is quite problematic, fortunately I’m here with him. Shockingly, not only do some people believe that Lude and Dr. Yan have a sexual relationship, they also spread rumors. I promise on my life that the two of them do not have any sexual relationship.

The most important thing for the New Federal State of China is the ability to stay true and discern between truth and falsehood. Under the deceit of the CCP, the Chinese have turned away from truth, justice, and courage. The reason why the CCP has been able to damage China for seventy years is not only because of its evil, it is also directly related to our selfishness, cowardice, greed, and lack of faith. Faith and profit should not be mixed together, and you should not let money fill your mind while participating in the Whistleblower Movement at the same time.

No one can have special privileges, otherwise it would be a crime. All the benefits of the G-series should belong to the fellow fighters who contribute and invest more, as well as the fellow fighters who are steadfast in taking down the CCP in our Whistleblower Movement. It is a platform for all the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China; ergo, our fellow fighters must have 100% control over it.

4. Any fellow fighters inside China, as long as you can flee from China, the New Federal State of China will ensure that you obtain a third-country passport, which will grant you entry to more than 100 countries without visa requirements, and you will be able to come to America legally. The prerequisite is that the information you provide is 100% true, you have made a significant contribution to the Whistleblower Movement, or you can prove that you have been threatened and persecuted in China because you participated in activities related to taking the CCP, and in two to six months you will definitely receive a passport, which will give you protection worldwide.

All volunteer workload and working time must be examined and approved by me, no one has the right to represent me, any farm or any individual cannot claim fellow fighters as their own, nor can they monopolize or separate them from the Himalaya Global Alliance. Once discovered, no matter who you are, I will certainly sever all ties with you.

Anyone who holds G-TV stocks and G-Coin on behalf of others without notifying the Himalaya Global Alliance, I regard it as a betrayal. Anyone who provides disinformation, fakes support for the Whistleblower Movement, fakes being a fellow fighter, pretends to be anti-CCP, or insults other fellow fighters will be disqualified and will never benefit from the G-series.

5. A huge amount of money came in just in the last week alone, and I have persuaded over 100 people to not participate in the G-series investments. In my opinion, they are not staunch fellow fighters, they are just aiming for the money. The entire G-series serves fellow fighters who are taking down the CCP and anti-CCP, as well as those who were questioned by the police in China, threatened, or lurking in the CCP. G-series does not need a spokesperson, we refuse to have bogus priests present our belief, an intermediary for our future wealth is unnecessary, and any of our money-making opportunities requires no agency, just go directly to the Himalaya Farms and the Himalaya Global Alliance where they will take care of all.

The amount of money that everyone takes from you needs to be clear and open. The prerequisite for being a dignified, wealthy, and successful person is that you have the ability to manage your wealth, control your life, and not be treated like a fool, otherwise it would be a joke.

6. In regard to the economic situation, my views are: first, I believe that in 2021, the US economy is heading for serious trouble, the world economy is heading for serious trouble, and the CCP’s Hong Kong dollar (HKD) and Chinese Yuan will have even bigger problems; second, especially at times like this, we want to speculate less and should invest for the long term, and we should never dream of getting rich overnight. The United States and Europe have decided to kick the HKD out of all the world financial systems, at which time the decoupling of the HKD from the US dollar will be finished.

The term “patriotic thief” is what I used quite some time ago, these patriotic thieves are the most awful, ignorant, and sinister. Astonishingly, someone told me that cotton picking in Xinjiang is not all done by forced labor and hard labor, and most are harvested by machines. Owing to mechanical cotton picking being one of the most difficult techniques, even cotton production areas like Australia, the United States, or India do not have this capacity, nowhere in the world has this capacity. China accounts for 80% of the world’s cotton production, of which 80-90% are from Xinjiang. Of the 30 million people who live in Xinjiang, only about 10 million are Uyghurs, of which 90% are cotton farm laborers. The whole world’s cotton production is the result of Uyghurs being exploited for forced labor.

It is inexcusable for a good person do wrong things; a poor and dumb person who speaks all benevolence and morality but always does stupid things is not worth helping. In the international new material apparel exhibition, 70% of fabric materials are recycled and non-cotton products that have never been available before. Does cotton involve space technology? Wool and cotton clothes, just like leather, will gradually become obsolete in the future. All future materials will be modernized, industrialized, unpolluted, and recycled. High-tech materials will replace all the natural materials, which the Chinese Communist Party can never achieve, because the Chinese people have been completely brainwashed and have lost the ability to be creative and innovative. “Little Pinks” (fanatical patriots of China) will surely pay the price!

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