Hollywood and Wall Street Are Working Together to Push the Government to Take Down the CCP

In his GTV livecast on March 30, 2021, Mr. Miles said people in the Biden administration all knew the relationship between the Biden family and the CCP, and many people said, “if you want me to continue working here, then we need to take down the CCP.” He also disclosed that bigwigs from Hollywood and Wall Street had talked and decided to withdraw money and capital from mainland China and push the government to take down the CCP.  

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The Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, and all others in the Biden Administration, including Vice President Harris, have been on fire in the Washington circle recently. 

Yesterday afternoon, a bigwig of the swampland, who is over 90 years old, called me, “Miles, the world is changing.” I said, “What are the changes?” He said, “The Biden Administration has realized it. All the people within the administration know the relationship among Hunter Biden, President Biden, and the CCP. Nobody wants to get wet on this. No one wants to get involved in it. And these people are very clear that they would rather quit than become pro-CCP. Moreover, now, many people said that if you want me to continue working here, then we need to take down the CCP.”

The most crucial thing is this year’s goal of “taking down the CCP by spreading the truth of the virus”. Fellow fighters, please remember the Five Big Families and Seven Big Agencies that I have mentioned during my live broadcasts in the past four years. All these people are the most central power that advances the process of taking down the CCP. Pompeo, Pottinger, Miles Yu and Peter Navarro, do you see it? The whole President Trump Team, our brother Bannon, and many more now, including three Steves, have all stood out. The other day, I heard Natalie talking about Patrick. Such a great talk. There were forces and people behind all this.     

I also want to share with everyone, which is not a bombshell, that several bigwigs in Hollywood just held a meeting in Yellowstone. This was the first time for the big shots in the Hollywood, who used to hate each other, to hold a meeting together. It is not necessarily true that Hollywood big shots all get along like a family, including the guy living next door to me. They attended the meeting to focus on studying the CCP. In the end, they reached a conclusion that the CCP used to be their so-called moneybag, but they now felt the threats from the CCP on everyone’s money, personal safety, interests, future, and families. The incidents of H&M, Nike, and the Xinjiang cotton have made them become clearer about the threats and also know more truths. They have decided to withdraw their capitals from mainland China as soon as possible, including pushing the government to take down the CCP together and find out the truth about the virus.  

Remember that several big shots in Wall Street joined the conference call with them. This old gentleman said, “What I didn’t expect is that the thoughts of those people who participated in the conference call with our Hollywood folks were identical to ours, and even more extreme than ours.” However, all of them said, “Give us one year to withdraw our money and capital from the CCP’s place.”

This old gentleman said, “Miles, you have changed the world. You have changed America.” I replied without modesty, “Yes. I am telling you, we are changing the world. It is us that are helping America. There are lots of trash and many scumbags in the U.S. However, the system of the U.S. and the country are absolutely great.” He also said, “America does not treat you well. It owes you because it doesn’t treat you well enough.” I said, “No, my attorney said the same words to me today. I told him that I love America. I am telling the same thing to you today. I am still in love of America. However, there are many scumbags who have been bought off by the CCP.”

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Video source: https://gtv.org/video/id=606346ef49339063d0615737 (47:12-51:10)
Acknowledgement: Thanks to 感谢万物归一, 文琪, 山川异域, and Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast Team for making the Chinese transcript available at https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1041973/

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