GTV Real Life Story: Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying(二)

The “GTV Real Life Story” talk show was launched amid expectations from fellow comrades-in-arms on March 20, and hosted jointly by Martha and Long Island. This program also adheres to the principle of “telling the verifiable truth”of the Whistleblowers Movement, to deliver real feelings to everyone. The first episode invited distinguished sport couple Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying. The two spoke in humorous, witty and vibrant language about the real events they went through. The first episode of the broadcast exceeded 3.44 million viewers.

Here’s a summary of several issues raised in the interview, in written form. We hope to spread the messages more widely to our fellows in the homeland and let more people rise from the nightmarish dream of the CCP to join the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federation State of China. The sacred cause of eliminating the Communists needs your participation. Everyone is important, and we can’t do it without you.

Question 5: Director Hao, in addition to investing in the G series, do you still put aside money beyond the knowledge of your wife (Ye)?

Hao: Absolutely no. I played football since I was a child. Before I got married, I gave all the money to my parents. After first marriage, the money was given to my ex-wife. Now, I give it my wife Ye. Our investment in G- series is managed by “my boss” Ye, which I have no hand in it (laughter). I’m still using original simple Nokia phone, being illiterate in advanced digital technology. I just care about making money since I was a child, but never thought of having it myself. I gave it to my family and relatives. In 1988, at my young age, I gave more than 10,000 RMB to my uncle to help on medical fee he needed for cancer treatment.

Question 6: Both of you have grown up under the CCP’s institution with vested interests, but finally stand up against them. In the video recording the ceremony of your wedding, the moderator said that Chinese football finally won over (marry) a world champion (Ye). Brother Hao, what was like when heard about that? Why can’t Chinese football rise up at the world level?  What’s the reason?

Hao: First of all, there is no wedding host. We didn’t have a wedding ceremony. This is a rumor on the Internet. Chinese football is the epitome of Chinese society. Many people who have been brainwashed by the CCP only use the football project to promote their objectives. It is said that football is the most professional game in the world. There are hundreds of football associations around the world. The CCP football Association cannot be blamed the poor performance on players and coaches, but never mentioned the shortcoming of CCP.

The CCP applies state land for real estate development but not contribute to build football fields. The children don’t have time to work with football because they are occupied by multiple homework. Little resources allocated for the coach training and player education. In China, there are very few football training venues, management mechanism, and organization structure. Whereas in foreign countries, there are many football trainings grounds, clubs and organizations, youth training programs, skill improvement initiative, regular audience & fans and cultural heritage.

Under the CCP propaganda, the honor is due to the cultivation by the State, and disgrace of a failure is blame to the athletes. The question is, why the follow-up training by the state cannot produce better players like “Hao Haidong”? In the end, it is brainwashing, poor knowledge in sport and indifference in the CCP hierarchy indicate the poor performance of the CCP’s football team. Mao Zedong provoked people to fight among themselves, which is also the epitome of the football teams in CCP today. The Communist Party provides no training and protection for athletes, only use them mercilessly. Even coaches pocket training fund instead to invest to athletes. In addition, the CCP incites a chain of discrimination among sports.

Question 7: Your comments for the relationship between people in CCP and abroad?

Hao: Under the CCP, the relationship between people cultivated from a young age is to exploit with no basic bottom line. The people have no sense of security, they guard against each other and parents interfere too much with their children. All relationships are measured in material terms. A Variety of unspoken rules, trading of power for money, leads the society into a vicious cycle of harming each other.

In the Western society, it is relatively simple. The basic beliefs and moral boundaries are in place. People have a sense of security, respect each other and do not interfere in others’ private life. Parents basically do not interfere with their children.

Ye: Under the Communist Party, people-to-people communication is complicated. For example, teachers and parents talk with various hints and gifts. In foreign countries, people are relatively simple and easy to get along with each other.

Long Island: I am very sad by the vicious cycle of harming each other in under CCP. Western society has mutual trusts with each other, just like the comrades-in-arms of our whistleblowers Movement. It is precisely because of trust in the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State that they bring it to this day. All comrades-in-arms believe that the Chinese Communist Party will eventually perish. There will be more people who see the mutual trust and the morality of telling the truth in the Whistleblowers Movement and come forward together to wipe out the CCP.

Martha: Thank you very much, Brother Dong and Sister Ye, for joining our “GTV Real Life Story”. Because of the scheduling issue, our program was postponed by one week. Thank you very much for your understanding. Thanks for the mutual respect, tolerance and humility prevail among all of us.

Please also follow our next episode. The guest will be Mr. Luther.

The above content is the main topics mentioned in the first episode of GTV Real Life. The program is far more wonderful than the text. I hope our comrades-in-arms and compatriots can get inspiration from the real stories.

Physical and mental fitness are equally important. We look forward to your participation in the establishment of a new Chinese Federation of Freedom—- Democracy, and the Rule of Law for the people.

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