Communist China and the WHO Deceived the World About the CCP Virus Outbreak

Highlights of Lu De Media – Late Night Show on March 31,2021

  • In the latest regular press conference, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying did not answer the question directly in her response to Agence France-Presse on whether Communist China would “open a new WHO investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV),” but rather fudged and mudged.
    • The second WHO investigation will be obsoletely more serious and will not look like a show, as the first one did.
    • Hua emphasized that the expert panel believed the virus “is extremely unlikely that the virus escaped from the lab in Wuhan and this possibility is basically ruled out” and “the virus may have been spread in places other than China early on.” Therefore, the guests on the show believe that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) won’t let any investigation group enter the WIV again.
  • Tom Cotton said to Fox News that the United States should be holding Communist China accountable and demanding answers instead of relying on the CCP’s sycophant WHO.
    • The WHO report is definitely biased and misleading due to the WHO’s relationship with the CCP.
  • Dr. Guan and Dr. Hu, who have participated in all of Dr. Yan’s studies and reports, gave a general introduction to the third report today.
    • This report explains to the reader in an easy way why the virus is an unrestricted biological weapon and how the CCP launched its massive misinformation campaign.
    • We are not going to end the pandemic if our solutions are not based on unrestricted bioweapon. Because just WIV reportedly already has 1,500 strains of the virus, including bat coronavirus.  And there are another 70 plus virology Institutes in China.  The CCP can always keep releasing new viruses to threaten the world.
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