Only the New Federal State of China Truly Protects Overseas Chinese

In his getter video on March 18, 2021, Miles told people that Wang Yi, Yang Jiechi (Tiger Yang) and the CCP were always ready to sell out overseas Chinese’ interest, even lives in exchange for the leverage to bargain with the U.S., and only the New Federal State of China can truly protect the Chinese People.

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Also, there have been several incidents of Asians being murdered in the U.S., also incidents of anti-Asian racism. Remember, at the end of the day, the more of these incidents there are, the better protection Asians will get. If some people try to stir up these sentiments for political reasons, there will always be someone else to talk against them.  What stands on the middle ground is our New Federal State of China (NFSC). We can say, “Hey, stop fighting.” Right? Only by this can we protect our true fellow compatriots.

We have no hidden agenda, but one and only purpose, and that is to protect the safety and interests of our overseas compatriots, to maintain the dignity and image of all Chinese, and to ensure that the children and families of all our Chinese overseas are not discriminated against and are protected from any threats to their personal safety.

These bastards now are selling out the Chinese people. They [the CCP] can’t wait for the U.S. to kill tens of thousands of Chinese so that they can have some leverage to bargain through diplomacy. Go ask Wang Yi, Yang Jiechi and those in the ZhongNan Pit what they think if racial discrimination against Chinese people happens in the U.S. at a massive scale, just like the discrimination against people of Chinese descent in Indonesia [during the Sukarno regime in 1958]. They will definitely say, “This is a gift from God, and then we can have something to bargain with the U.S. You’d better kill one hundred thousand Chinese!” This is the CCP. The sad reality of the so-called social media of the overseas Chinese is that nobody dares to speak the truth, and nobody dares to truly protect the Chinese people. Only our NFSC dares to do so and is the true guardian defending safety and interests of the Chinese people, believe it or not.

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