Lu De Encourages WM Warriors to Publish More Scientific Reports to Expose the CCP’s Evil Deeds

Highlights of Lu De Media (Night) on April 2, 2021

  • Communist China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying’s Regular on her regular press conference confirmed the existence of the so-called French journalist Laurène Beaumond by saying she’s an independent writer who has lived in China for many years and visited Xinjiang many times.  And her article about Xinjiang is “very objective and fair.”
    • Foreign Ministry has to come out now to round up the lies themselves.
  • According to National Public Radio (NPR), former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific David Feith said that many people, including former President Donald Trump, believed that the culprit came from a Wuhan lab,
    • President Trump would not have issued the travel ban on January 31, 2020, without the warnings of the Whistleblower Movement (WM) and Dr. Li-Meng Yan.
    • After President Trump left office, discussions on social media about the source of the virus became less political.
  • U.S. research lab at the College of William & Mary revealed that the terms of China’s loan deals with developing countries are unusually secretive and require borrowers to prioritise repayment of Chinese state-owned banks ahead of other creditors, a study of a cache of such contracts showed.
    • Back in 2018, Lu De Media has already brought out and discussed this topic and pointed out that one belt one road is a scam job to take the third world into the CCP’s control.
  • Mr. Lu De encourages the fellow WM warriors in all fields to publish more scientific reports in English to expose the evils of the CCP. If needed, Lu De Media can provide assistance.
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