HBO Host Bill Masher Interview With Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying: The Virus is Man-Made

Author: Ana
Proofreader: Dandan

On January 29th, 2021 Bret Weinstein and his wife Heather Heying appeared on Real Time with Bill Masher. Both of them are PhDs in Biology. The Real Time host Bill Masher insisted that COVID-19 be called “the Chinese Virus” because it originated in China. On his HBO show, Masher proceeded to forward the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was man-made and somehow escaped from a lab in Wuhan. 

Masher said :“We’ve heard a lot recently about the fact that maybe the virus did start in a lab,” “Let’s talk about that—the fact that there is this lab, I think it’s the only one in the world quite like it, in Wuhan, where it started. It would almost be a conspiracy theory to think it didn’t start in a lab, right? And that theory was demonized at first—Oh, come on, that’s conspiracy thinking, that started in a lab. But it’s certainly 50-50, would you say that?”

“Oh, it’s far more likely than that,” replied Weinstein (the podcast host), adding that “it look to be about 90 percent” probability that it originated in a lab. 

Heather Heying (the podcast host) added “We are so politicized and polarized and partisan now as a country that if the wrong guy proposed this to begin with—and for the half the country, it was the wrong guy—then the rest of the country says ‘no way, no how, we’re gonna call a conspiracy theory,” 

Bret Weinstein told Hill. TV that he believes COVID-19 was likely created in a lab and that fellow scientists are telling “fairy tales” about the virus originating in nature. He is a visiting fellow at the James Madison Program at Princeton University. He said the evidence “unfortunately points toward the possibility of a laboratory leak, and that hypothesis deserves investigation.”

Kristian Andersen, an associate professor of immunology and microbiology at Scipps University has claimed “these two features of the virus, the mutation…of the spike protein and its distinct backbone, rules out laboratory manipulation as a potential origin for “SARS-CoV-2” 

According Dr. Li-Meng Yan released information that the Wuhan Institute of Virology confirmed influenza a virus has a unique ability to aggravate SARS-CoV-2 infection. 1) Remarkably upwards SARS-CoV-2 viral load & severe lung damage in mice with flu co-infection. 2) Up of SARS-CoV-2 infectivity is likely due to a unique feature of IAV to elevate ACE2 expression. 3)Cross-species CoV can’t keep identical E protein during natural evolution. E is mutation tolerant, and Identical E means it was not modified from ZC45/ ZXC21 in the lab. 4) RaTG13 virus is fabricated, so similarities between RaTG 13 and SARS-CoV-2 are designed based on SARS-CoV-2 sequence. As Dr. Yan’s working experiences and professional knowledges and deep research since the beginning of the pandemic in Wuhan, she published three reports about the truth of the virus on It’s clearly proved that this is based on the CCP military institute discoed and owned some bad coronavirus named ZC45 and ZXC21, and modified in the lab. 

Dr. Yan’s first report : unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route

Dr. Yan’s second report : SARS-CoV-2 Is an Unrestricted Bioweapon: A Truth Revealed through Uncovering a Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud

Dr. Yan’s third report : The Wuhan Laboratory Origin of SARS-CoV-2 and the Validity of the Yan Reports Are Further Proved by the Failure of Two Uninvited “Peer Reviews”

Editor: Ana

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