CCP Blackmailed the World, 1.4B Chinese People Become Hostages and Bargaining Chips

Translator: MOS Gospel Group Stone

Abstract: (Feb 5th, 2020) The CCP virus outbreak has led to the closure of more than 20 cities, including Wuhan. In many places, a Cultural Revolution-style grid control mode has emerged. Many countries have issued bans against the epidemic. With the closure from city to country, 1.4 billion Chinese people have become hostages and bargaining chips for the CCP to blackmail the world.

For nearly 30 years, CCP cheated the world in political and economic areas relying on the “China economic miracle.” The CCP Pirate Group is living in royal luxury and arrogance with the narcissism of tactics and money. Using “BGY” and “3F” methods, it has cultivated a large number of silent powers willing to support the CCP. This brought the descendants of the Pirate Group convenience to domineer in the world-class political and business circles. Mr. Guo Wengui started and leading the Whistleblower Movement (WM), which completely disrupted the CCP’s dream of enslaving and exploiting 1.4 billion Chinese people and the dream of conquering the world. Wang Qishan and the other CCP leaders were in a panic. In the end, they were all stunned by the resourceful Mr. Guo Wengui and the power of world justice. The voice of the justice becomes louder and louder. The CCP threw out the evilest trick, which spread the truth of the lab-made CCP virus widely. By playing this trick, the CCP can lockdown the cities justifiably and pretend to be the victim in the world. The 1.4 billion Chinese people were brainwashed and captured as hostages and bargaining chips to blackmail the world.

The CCP virus has been spread intentionally to dozens of countries around the world. The countries which have humanitarian-first policies have to implement various measures to protect their people. By restricting the circulation of people and logistics, those countries tried to stop the virus from spreading in large areas. China has become the epidemic country with this virus, and all other countries want to avoid it. On the face, the CCP is protesting the bans imposed by other countries, but in fact, the evil CCP group is happy. By voluntarily close cities and countries, it helps the CCP to slow down and release the internal pressure.

On January 15, 2020, Trump Administration forced the CCP to sign the first phase of the trade agreement, then announced the start of the second phase of trade negotiations. Trump Administration called the US-China agreement “the 21st Century’s new model of trade” at the “World Economic Forum in Davos.” The CCP president Xi and Wang dare not openly against the United States. Even they signed the agreement, they would never truly fulfill any promise. After long-time planning, the CCP released the Wuhan virus, which the CCP used to threaten the world and made as an excuse to break the contract regardless of putting Chinese people’s lives in danger. When the global pandemic is getting worse, the CCP gives more excuses to breach the contract. In addition, the U.S. election has entered a critical period, the two parties’ battle is getting intense, then the CCP is getting more time because of the virus.

Secondly, Hong Kong people’s five major demands and unyielding resistance made the self-righteous CCP losing control. The international community’s attention and support for Hong Kong have also made the Pirate Group more panic. They do not want to lose control of Hong Kong people or the Hong Kong Free Trade Zone. The CCP President Xi and Wang had intended to impose control and implant martial law on Hong Kong, but they did not start it because they were afraid of the intervention and punishment of justice from the United States and other countries. The CCP released the virus from mainland China into Hong Kong. This would kill Hong Kong people who want to resistant the CCP, and would make martial law into the implement. The CCP is extremely sinister. Hong Kong compatriots would suffer ruthless killing and crazy suppression.

Also, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen got a big win in the election, which made US-Taiwan relations escalated. The formation of the Indo-Pacific alliance, the U.S. beheading of Iranian executives, and other developments in the world have made the CCP seem to have heard the death knell. For a long time, The CCP used to push North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Russia in the front, while the CCP playing tactics behind. Now, the tactics were exposed. The CCP has fewer cards to play. To maintain the control of the CCP, President Xi &Wang chose to take the risk and the final struggle before its death. The CCP used the coronavirus as a weapon and launched a plan called “shipwreck,” which would “kill two birds one stone.” While the CCP virus has spread widely, it reduced the international pressure and condemnation of the CCP. It also distracted the attention and influence of the Whistleblower Movement and the anti-communist alliance. The CCP took 1.4 billion Chinese people as hostages in the name of virus prevention and tied the whole world to the CCP’s sunken ship. With the global spread of the coronavirus that has been completely out of control, the CCP continues to act as a rogue and transfer a large number of assets. Internally, they rely on firewalls and brainwashing to cover up the truth; and they play the world in the palm externally. The evil nature of the CCP was exposed in broad daylight.

Finally, the incompetent CCP has nothing to do with the collapsed Chinese economic and social system. They could not save it by relying on excessive currency, crazy brainwashing, and self-entertainment. The problems of national unemployment, debt crisis, financial system out of control, real estate bubble burst, aging, insufficient supply, and demand, widening gap between rich and poor, inflation, currency devaluation, corruption and degeneration, democratic demand, and dictatorship contradictions have reached the point where they cannot be reconciled. At this point, political changes are inevitable. In order to quickly transfer the crisis and alleviate the contradictions, also to shirk the responsibility of ruling incompetence and frantically stealing the country, Wang Qishan and his dark group are using epidemic prevention and control as an excuse to control the social media, fool the people, make their own money from country difficulty, deceive other countries, eject humanitarian aid, implement militarized suppression, and squander human lives in the cost of Chinese people’s lives. The CCP wants 1.4 billion Chinese people to be enslaved and losing hope for democracy and freedom. Only the CCP could think of such evil gangsters and implement them. They wanted to take the opportunity to clean up the old, weak, sick, and disabled population instead of treating them. The CCP wants to brainwash the Chinese people to lose faith and listen to the CCP.

In order to cover up its crimes, the CCP has launched a global propaganda and silent force, constantly misleading the world. The CCP has taken 1.4 billion Chinese people as hostages and used the spread of the CCP virus to threaten the world. It has been exposed and condemned by the righteous forces. The lies made by the CCP can no longer prevail. The CCP would never be forgiven as they poison, kill, and exterminate humanity. This virus war initiated by the Communist Party would destroy the CCP eventually. It is the ultimate battle of universal values and dictatorship, and a battle between justice and evil.

A just cause attracts much support, and an unjust one finds little. The CCP’s anti-human sins have been exposed. We believe that a new world without the CCP will surely come! Put our hands together! Pray!

Author: Righteous man | Editor: MOS Translation Group Ruiqiu | Reviewer: Irene

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