Dr. Li-Meng Yan Joins Lu De Show Tonight

Highlights of Lu De Media (Evening) on April 3, 2021

  • Back in this January, Bill Maher invited two evolutionary biologists, Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, to HBO’s “Real Time” to discuss the origins of COVID-19.
    • They all considered COVID-19 to be man-made and somehow escaped from the Wuhan laboratory.
    • Some politicians should stop politicizing the virus and let people freely discuss any possibility of the virus origin, including the ‘lab leak’ theory.
  • On Twitter, the retired U.S. Army colonel Dr. Lawrence Sellin posted the two pictures of  Chinese Communist Party (CCP) scientists,  Dr. Hong-kui Deng and Dr. Chuan Qin, by saying “The #COVID19 virus was likely pre-adapted for human infection by serial passage through “humanized” animal models. To explore such capabilities, begin here.”
    • This is the first time that someone has mentioned in social media about the “humanized” animal models that Dr. Yan has already detailed explained in her first report and third report.
    • By using humanizing mice, these CCP scientists could enhance infection efficiency and viral strain lethality in just two months.
    • Hong Kui Deng is an immunologist and stem cell researcher who was hailed as CRISPR translator by Nature.
    • Chuan Qin is the chairman of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Executive Board Member of The Asian Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations (AFLAS), who leads China’s Military-Civil Fusion program- “laboratory animal strain resources database” (LasDB).
    • It’s been six months since Dr. Yan released her first report. So far, not a single Chinese scientist has responded to her in the form of a scientific report. Only the non-scientific background CCP Foreign Ministry has been attacking her all the time.
  • Dr. Yan’s first meeting last year with Dr. Peter Navarro took about 7 hours.  Several other biological weapons experts were also present to review her report. Dr. Navarro actually came out to see Dr. Yan after receiving possible feedback from these experts.
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