[April 2, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[April 2, 2021 Video translation

Today is April 2, brothers and sisters. On GTV, the show named “Walking with Fellow Fighters” is now broadcasting with a famous Chinese scientist, exposing the truth of the virus. Right before I started recording this Getter video, I talked over the phone with two friends of ours in Washington D.C., whom I don’t want to name. He said that there is this feeling of uneasiness which can be sensed in the air in Washington D.C. It’s said that the virus will come back for sure, and even more ferociously. Many people are anxious and plan to move out of Washington D.C. Many rich people in New York City and Los Angelos are moving out too. People who planed to move back previously are now turning back.  

So, the virus threatens everybody and can’t differentiate lower-class people from the higher-class people, males from females, or the rich from the poor. The CCP has really done one thing that can affect everyone – the CCP virus! So, the CCP is the owner of the virus. “Owner of the virus” – the CCP definitely deserves this title. 

They have also been aware that the CCP’s economy is in a mess. He asked how long it will take for the Chinese economy to collapse? I said, “If I say the economy may hold for another three years, will you believe me?” He said, “No, I won’t.” That’s right. Of course it will collapse within three years.  

Another thing is that last night, too many people… Yesterday, after I participated in a court testimony, I went to conference calls one after another, non-stop, and then at midnight I called one of our great fellow fighters as scheduled. This fellow fighter was very interesting. At the time of the private placement of GTV last year, he asked, “Miles, there is no data, isn’t there? You don’t have much data and ask people to invest. Based on what?” I said, “Others have data, okay? Phoenix Television has data. So go for Phoenix please. Youtube has data. Please go invest in Youtube.”

Then, last night during our phone call, he told me that Liu Changle (the CEO of Phoenix Television) and his family were all eradicated [by the CCP]. All people from Phoenix were eradicated. I told him that I exposed this in 2017 already – in those days when Xi Jinping was the Vice Chairman, he wanted to get rid of Liu Changle and it was Wang Qishan who protected him. At that time, a Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress, whose last name is Chen, said, “Phoenix alone couldn’t control the release of the report.” It’s me who helped him solve the problem. Otherwise, Phoenix would be over long time ago. Yet he didn’t even invite me for a drink. Liu Changle is a very realistic person, but now he is over, completely over.       

Then he told me yesterday that he wanted to invest in GTV. I said, “Why not put your investment in Phoenix again?” He said, “No, no, no, Brother Miles. I must invest in GTV.” I said, “GTV has only limited data.” He said, “I realize that one should invest in the future, in the growth in the future (not the past).” I said, “You got it this time. You saw people make money by investing in Youtube, Twitter, and WeChat. What should you invest in? You are a seed investor, so you can make big money. When a company has already had the so-called big data and when the investment is based on the actual market value and you buy it from the public stock market, will there still be the possibility and room for you to grow?” Even idiots understand this.

What is angel investment? What is pre-seed investment? When GTV didn’t have [data], it’s called pre-seed investment, which was followed by the angel investment. Now, we push the pre-seed and angel funding stages back to the origin, and start it all over again. If you want to make an investment based on data, you can invest in those public companies. That is called the actual market value, reflected by the value of the stock. Otherwise, there are the so-called pre-seed investment and angel investment in the initial state, or the venture round investment. This type of investment is investing in the future and in its room for growth. I said, “Don’t you know already? Otherwise, why should you be the one who can make money.”

So, some of our fellow fighters are really lack of wisdom. Whenever others said something, you would say, “Yeah, it makes sense!” and when they said something else, you would also say “make sense”. So, you will do this kind of flip-flop your whole life. You will never have your own thoughts and probably will never have the so-called chance to make a fortune. This is because you do not have the judgement. This is what our New Federal State of China wants to show to everyone – we have basic judgment. If you are the kind of person that makes judgment of good and bad based on what you heard from others, and you differentiate right and wrong by listening to others, you will have nothing left even when once you get rich. Your money will become your disaster. This is your Brother Miles. Since my childhood, everyone has been saying that it is very difficult to convince me for anything.

An actor, who is said to be the closest person to Chairman Xi, once asked Xi’s Vice Chairman, “How do you think about Miles Guo?” This person responded, “I know Miles Guo very well. This guy …” “You know him?” “Yes, I know him,” he said, “and this guy is very stubborn. It is almost impossible to change his mind. If he wants to do something, no one can convince him to give up.” Xi said, “Then, he IS someone based on what you said.” “Absolutely somebody!” Later when I saw him, we brought this up while drinking. I smiled but didn’t comment. As a man, this is a basic feature for someone who has self-conscious and self-confidence.    

Second, we now have heard about Canada. One of our fellow fighters said, “Brother Miles, I am in trouble. I remitted about a billion dollars for someone (note that this guy works for a well-known big shot) in Canada. Something went wrong with this money.” I once provided suggestions to him, who is my fellow-townsman in Shandong Province, two years ago. I told him that in Canada, it is easy to get your money in whereas it is hard to get money out. Besides, I told him that Canada would become an extremely left-wing place. If you own big money there, you are such a fool. If you buy a lot of real estates there, you are a big fool.

Let me tell you two such persons. The best example I can give you is Ka-shing Li. The second one is Hong Guo from Taiwan. All the families who invested huge capitals in Canada have lost almost all their investment already. Do you know why? The Tax. The tax can drain you to death. The tax in Canada is even more absurd than the U.S. Moreover, who has said this, “raising a pig in a decade”? It was said by someone from Canada. That means if you put big money in Canada, you are destined to lose it.      

Recently, I heard from all kinds of official channels that tens of billions of dollars went into Canada via EDF within a short period of time. I don’t think this is accurate. Based on the information that I have got, it was more than 140 billion dollars, all of which were private assets. Then two dangers they will be facing. First, the CCP will find you and get you into trouble easily in Canada, so you are doomed. Second, Canada’s tax and the difficulty in getting money out of Canada will screw you. Therefore, you are like just getting out of the wolf’s mouth but getting into the tiger’s den, or the other way around. Something definitely go wrong.

So, fellow fighters, where is the best place to put your money? It should be a place where both tax and law make you feel safe. It is a place where money is difficult to get in but easy to get out. Difficult to get in means it’s hard to let your money stay there, but it can indeed obtain a balance between the law and tax. Canada is definitely not the place. 

Of course, G-Coin and G-Dollar are the best option in the future. They will be the most convenient currencies to use for all human beings in the future. When your money cannot be used globally, it is no longer an international currency and your wealth will not be safe. It is called uncertainty. What else is called? Dead money! If you want your money to be live and to become international wealth, it must be able to circulate without any restrictions. Besides, you can make it legal and safe and go to anywhere you want it to. This is called live money. Live money is far more valuable than dead money. Then G-Dollar and G-Coin are such money.

I am not here to promote them. If you know better, you can ignore me. In the future, it will be all about G-Dollar and G-Coin. G-Coin has 20% gold reserve and its value can grow, depending on your luck. G-Dollar’s value doesn’t have the room for growth, but it will always be yours. You can spend it anywhere you want by simply sliding on your phone. The one-time KYC guarantees the safety of your money. As long as your money is clean, what are you afraid of? This is how awesome our New Federal State of China is.         

So, Sir Liu Changle, if you’re watching my Getter now, I believe you remember how much I have helped you. I once saved your life, otherwise you would have died for several years. Yet, I’ve never drank a cup of water from you. I once told you, neither Wang Qishan nor Xi Jinping would be dependable. BTW, I gave your Phoenix, including Wang Jiyuan, so much money, but you didn’t even make one phone call to me recently. This guy is problematic. You cannot reply on the CCP. Colluding with the CCP will lead you quickly into the crematory [death]. This is applicable to anyone. It is great that someone has woken up. It is always better to wake up earlier than later.  

That’s all for today. Many fellow fighters said, “Brother Miles, you must post a Getter. Post a Getter!” I replied, “Will do. Will do.” Now I posted it. If the feedbacks from you are great, I will post another one later. I am now like a deadbeat asking for thumbs up. This is so not Miles. Just kidding.

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