It’s Said in Washington D. C. That the Virus Will Come Back for Sure and Even More Ferociously

In the April 2, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo’s friends in Washington D.C. said that people in D.C. felt that the virus would come back for sure, and even more ferociously.

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Right before I started recording this Getter video, I talked over the phone with two friends of ours in Washington D.C., whom I don’t want to name. He said that there is this feeling of uneasiness which can be sensed in the air in Washington D.C. It’s said that the virus will come back for sure, and even more ferociously. Many people are anxious and plan to move out of Washington D.C. Many rich people in New York City and Los Angelos are moving out too. People who planed to move back previously are now turning back.  

So, the virus threatens everybody and can’t differentiate lower-class people from the higher-class people, males from females, or the rich from the poor. The CCP has really done one thing that can affect everyone – the CCP virus! So, the CCP is the owner of the virus. “Owner of the virus” – the CCP definitely deserves this title. 

They have also been aware that the CCP’s economy is in a mess. He asked how long it will take for the Chinese economy to collapse? I said, “If I say the economy may hold for another three years, will you believe me?” He said, “No, I won’t.” That’s right. Of course it will collapse within three years.  

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