CCP Launches a Currency War Against America as Part of Its “Extinction of the White People Plan”

Miles posted a Getter video in the midnight of April 4, 2021, disclosing that during Chinese people’s traditional holiday – Qing Ming Jie (the Tomb-Sweeping Day), the CCP was scared of people memorizing their families because it would reveal the real number of deaths caused by the CCP virus. More importantly, he disclosed that the CCP launched a currency war against the U.S., which is part of its “Extinction of the White People Plan”.

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I received many messages from fellow fighters in mainland China, telling me their feelings about the Tomb-Sweeping Day. Many fellow fighters in Wuhan said there were undercover police everywhere in cemeteries. Some people wanted to burn some joss paper at street crosses, but were arrested. There were police cars everywhere close to crematoriums. Why? Isn’t it just a few hundred people died? Why do you need to do all these? Now they truly feel that the number of deaths from the coronavirus should have one or two more zeros at least. What’s more absurd is that our fellow fighters have found out many more things, which I can’t say now. I will talk about it on my broadcast tomorrow. Many fellow fighters asked me to broadcast and chat a little bit.

Another important thing that we will talk about tomorrow is that the CCP is planning to take down the U.S. with money [a currency war], as opposed to our taking down the CCP with financial activities and the truth about the virus. I didn’t say it earlier because if I exposed it prematurely, they might postpone or quit their plan, and then Americans would not believe me or even blame me for lying to them, right? Now Americans have been aware of it. It was last week. They said, “Miles, what you said makes sense, but we will wait for them to move first, then we will react.” So, there won’t be any bombshells for today, alright? How can the CCP take down the U.S. with a currency war? It’s part of their Extinction of the White People Plan. They will for sure implement their plan of taking down the U.S. with a currency war. They have only a few tricks. Do you want to hear? See you tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

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