The Coronavirus Vaccine Kills

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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No one should be expected to inject himself this dangerous vaccine as it does not pass any trials before people was forced to take it. The EU already reports 3,964 Killed by Covid Vaccines and 162,610 was Injured.

This fact was reported by the EudraVigilance – European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports. Through March 13th 2021, the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine resulted 3964 dead,162610 injuries. The vaccines that were used involving those death and injures are:


Even after the report is published, the death does not stop. Around March 24th, military medics in Ukraine have announced the death of a servicewoman who reportedly received a dose of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine, which has been the subject of a fierce row over claims it may be linked to blood clots.

“Military and civilian doctors carried out resuscitation measures at the scene,” it stated, “but this was unfortunately unsuccessful.” According to the statement, the soldier – named by local media on Wednesday as Inna Narozhnaya – had been serving in an anti-aircraft missile regiment on the Black Sea coast.

“In line with all protocols,” the military doctors said, “the soldier received vaccination against Covid-19 by a mobile health team from the Odessa Health Department.” According to local health service chiefs, the woman had no health complaints other than a history of hypertension. An autopsy will now take place, and the army officials warned public officials and the media “not to make premature conclusions about the circumstances of the soldier’s death.”

On March 17th, one week after complaining about adverse reactions about the vaccine. A black-colored school teacher Desiree R. Penrod was dead.

In her Facebook post she wrote: “The vaccine is killing me today. My arm hurts, extremely exhausted, headache, stomach cramps and earaches. Multiple people told me that I looked pale today. Yesterday, I was fine but today it’s taking its toll on me.” The preschool teacher wrote in her last post on March 10.

Irritatingly, Facebook had the audacity to add a fact check her post in which she documented experiencing fatigue, headaches and earaches after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. For our own sake, never take the coronavirus vaccine. Whoever encourage you to take the vaccine are not your friends. It will not save you from the virus. Instead, it will only turn your life into a misery.

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1 month ago

Just llook at the deaths in the USA database from the vaccines..thousands. Young and old. All that happens is they collect info..say its fine..its not. Illness after the second dose is terrible..criminal. So how does one get ones heart rate to stop going crazy..fix blood platet issues..and clots. NEVER had them before. CCP KILLS!!