Fellow Fighters of Whistleblower Movement, Live and Cherish

  • Author: 葛大饼
  • Translator: Ranting

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Yesterday I saw a live show of Whistleblower Movement couples, and it is certainly a special blessing to have a partner who understands and supports each other in this Star War. However, the reality is that there are still many fellow fighters are the only awakened people in the whole family, to face this loneliness, and even incomprehensible ridicule, especially in the face of the next of kin around, I think it is one word, “endure.” Whenever there is a buzzing sound in my ears, I always tell myself, “Just endure him, let him be, avoid him, be patient with him, respect him, ignore him, after a few more years and see how he is.”

From the initial family quarrels and emotional abuse to now, I am cautiously afraid of hurting family feelings. I remembered that I used to do video subtitles late at night. My family opened the door and warned me that if I indulge in the Internet every day, they would cut off the Internet. I was so angry that I dropped my phone when I was on the phone with my sister. I gradually calmed down. We can’t blame my family. They are just people who have been brainwashed for a long time and cannot accept or even fear the cruel reality. Like Mr. Guo said, we can’t ask others to be necessarily the same as us, we have to be different from others.

It is because we are different that we have learned how to protect ourselves and our families in this global hunt for the CCP virus.

Our family started taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc last summer, and at first the family was particularly resistant, it was difficult, after all, the family was not three years old and could not be coaxed: “Good girl, take this little pill, and then I’ll give you some chocolate.”

At the beginning I thought of various methods, such as secretly putting hydroxychloroquine in the tea they drank, but my family members drank it and spewed it out. Asked me what was in it, I scolded myself stupidly, hydroxychloroquine tastes bitter! I also thought about putting some hydroxychloroquine in the soup, but I was afraid that it would lose its medicinal properties after heating. In the end, I decided to confess with my family, and took out Dr. Yan’s medical explanation, Dr. Zelenko’s data on the recovery of patients, and also searched a lot of introductions about hydroxychloroquine. I found it particularly helpful to show them messages from regular tweeters, such as anxious people around the world asking how they could get hydroxychloroquine, and families who read them slowly began to believe and accept hydroxychloroquine. One of the family members had to take medication for a cold and cough every year, but since taking hydroxychloroquine, he didn’t get a cold last winter like he used to.

I also bought a nebulizer specially. Before going to bed, I asked everyone to sit together and make hydroxychloroquine nebulization while chatting. I felt that this process would allow the whole family to calm down and communicate well. I showed them the articles I wrote, showed them the videos and subtitles I made, my happy smile, and the kind of confidence that infected the people around me. My family obviously feels my change. Although they still believe in mainstream media news more, they finally let go and say to me, “You are happy, and we are also happy.”

I once saw some fellow fighters say that they had family disagreements because of investing in G series. My personal experience is that with my own money, everything happens quietly. That’s the money I saved to buy snacks, so it doesn’t affect my personal life at all. I’m sure I won’t lose any money, and I feel honored and proud to have this opportunity to participate in such a marvelous investment. I am very grateful to my family. Although they are not my fellow fighters, they still silently support what I like to do, so I am also looking forward to the future I can share my joy with my family and give them a surprise.

More and more people feel that those who know the truth and spread the truth are not alone. There is darkness in this world, but more of the power of justice and kindness. Otherwise, how can human civilization move forward?

Following the Whistleblower Movement has given us courage and the knowledge to be grateful and cherish, especially our own families, whose lack of understanding is because the truth has not been fully released to the world.

Be kind to those around you, live and cherish.

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