Virus, the Mystery of the Origin of the Virus, What Is China Hiding From Us?

Fuori dal coro is an Italian talk show, political and rotogravure television program, broadcast on Rete 4 from 24 September 2018 with the host of Mario Giordano.

Yesterday they talked about some information about EcoHealth president Peter Dasazak and his relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the talk show. In particular, they mentioned Dr. Li- Meng Yan’s third report of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus which had already been published in March. Here is their twitter: @fuoridalcorotv

The Wuhan Laboratory Origin of SARS-CoV-2 and the Validity of the Yan Reports Are Further Proved by the Failure of Two Uninvited “Peer Reviews”

Yes, COVID-19 Was a Biological Attack by the Chinese Communist Party 

More information focus on GNEWS with Himalaya Italy:

Major General Wei Chen and the CCP Integration of Military-Civilian Virus Research

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