CCP Covers Up Vaccine Accident

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The CCP is promoting its vaccines throughout the country and around the world. In fact, the CCP has never independently developed and produced a vaccine. Therefore, people doubt that the CCP can develop and produce a new coronavirus vaccine in such a short period of time. People’s skepticism and the constant spread of vaccine accidents in various places have increased. The conversation in this video reflects that in a community of the Communist Party of China, a  50 years old person who suffers from a basic disease is being vaccinated. The CCP’s media did not report any deaths during the vaccine process. All of these incidents have made people more and more suspicious of the CCP’s vaccines.

The famous scientist Dr. Yan Limeng has long pointed out that it is tough to develop a new crown vaccine. The vaccine developed in a hurry may cause great human health problems, especially since the CCP virus is highly mutated. The vaccine cannot guarantee that people who are vaccinated will not Infect again. Many accidents since the beginning of vaccination have also fully verified this fact. However, the CCP deliberately concealed the truth, disregarding the facts, hype about the safety of vaccines, and even deliberately created the illusion that “vaccine supply is tight,” which is to coax people who don’t know the truth to get vaccines and eventually become the CCP’s weight to threaten the world. As the truth continues to be revealed, people will expose the CCP’s conspiracy as soon as possible.

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