[Opinion] The World’s Great Economic Crisis and the Future of G-Coin in Light of Gold Reserves

Author: Dolores, MOS Buddhist Department

Mr. Miles Guo talked about the link between gold reserve and the world economy in his live broadcast a few days ago. As a finance novice, I am so shocked.

He said: “Why did gold plunge and demand fall during the financial crisis in 2008? It’s the great robbery of wealth that year, gold only in the hand of a few people. No one in human history has ever dared to talk about this topic. Total gold reserves are 300,000 tons in the world, of which the five largest reserve countries are India, China, the United States, Russia and the European Union. In the past 50 years, industrialized gold totals 30,000 tons. 20% of the 300,000 tons is in the possession of National Governments, 50% to 57% in the hands of the Swamp.

The demand for gold declines in 2020. How similar it is to the year 2007, decline of government gold reserves is the harbinger of the coming economic crisis. If gold reserves suddenly pull upwards, the economic crisis is on the way! Samilarly, if demand declined, and the gold price rose, the money is stolen during the ups and downs!

To verify the data, I searched on internet. The result shocks me, especially Canada, whose national gold reserves has fallen to zero in a sharp cliff since 2016. Yes! You are right! The figure to date is still zero! We need to ask what the credit and security is for such a currency.

It reminds me of why our G-Coin will be the most credible and stable virtual currency in the digital currency era. G-Coin is the only digital currency with gold as an anchor, and links with G-Dollar, the stable currency at the same time. It is the brilliant concept by Mr. Miles Guo, based on his understanding of the world economy, politics, future technology and his experience in the financial field in the past few decades. The era of paper currencies in which several large families control gold reserves and the era of severe division of wealth between two classes will be gone. G-Coin is not a digital currency in the nature of a financial product, it symbolizes a revolution of the epoch. It was born in the context of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China adhering to the unbreakable truth, faith and righteousness. It will be the crucial product of human civilization to develop and cross over into the next high-tech era! Our fellow fighters are witnessing history every single moment!

The figures above are part of reference data of gold reserves of some countries for your reference. With the data in red and green, you could figure out the downward trend of the gold reserves, which verifies Mr. Miles Guo’s words, and also predicts an unprecedented economic crisis.

(The opinions expressed by authors are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of GNEWS.)

Contributor / Reviewer: Xueli

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