The CCP controls everyone’s everything, even controlling Red envelopes given by people.

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On April 4, A family gave the grave sweepers money in Guangdong. This video shows that everyone from the same clan had 4,000 yuan ($606), and others could receive 500 yuan ($75) on the spot. In Shantou city, the town government released a notice that this web rumor was basically true after a preliminary investigation,  and the relevant departments had intervened to investigate.

According to the Chinese tradition, the same clan members participate in memorial activities and tomb sweeping. Red envelopes between family members are a very private activity, just like Red envelopes during Chinese New Year. It neither breaks the law nor goes against the public order and social morality. As a public authority, the government even interferes with this activity of Red envelopes between families. It has exceeded its scope of responsibility.

This is the rogue nature of the CCP that controls everyone’s everything. The exercise of its public rights is not based on laws and regulations but those in power’s personal preferences and presumptions. They interfere with the private affairs of the people arbitrarily.

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