GTV Investors Gather in Washington DC to Protest the SEC’s Unreasonable Lengthy Investigation

TCC adapted from | The reporter: D.C. Coach | Editor: Bluesky

On the morning of April 5th, 2021, GTV investors from all over the United States voluntarily gathered in front of the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), chanting “SEC Lied, GTV Investors Died,” and “SEC Must Pay the Price. “

The purpose of this peaceful rally is to demand the SEC to expedite the review of GTV investment and allow the investors to use their funds in a timely fashion freely.

When the GNEWS reporter asked an investor on the scene about the reasons for protesting, he said, “as an Asian American and as an investor of the GTV, we have the right, responsibility, and obligation to stand out and defend our rights and interests through peaceful protest. And the SEC’s actions have seriously violated the interests of GTV investors. “

The SEC is found out to be cooperative with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and has made many of the investors who are currently living in mainland China either disappeared, be arrested, or put in jails. Many of the investors’ family members in China have also been threatened.  One protestor said, “The SEC’s unresponsible behavior has harmed the rights of the GTV investors as well as family members. Therefore, as a person who loves freedom and democracy, we must stand up and use actions to defend our rights.”

Another protestor was asked about the main appeal for this rally. He said, the SEC has been cooperative with false and unlawful claims from the CCP, secretively provided the investors’ details to the CCP to frame and harm Chinese investors and their family members in mainland China, and purposefully delayed the investigation, and impeded the rights and interests of GTV’s investors.

The CCP has tried to attack the G-series, including GTV, GNEWS, and G-Fashion, through false accusations and claims. This has been an open secret and has attracted worldwide attention. One said, “it is unbelievable that this can happen in the U.S. SEC, the security regulatory body of the largest, free, and democratic country in the world.  As an agency of the U.S. federal government, the US SEC is openly cooperating with her largest adversary, the CCP, and accuses American investors without any lawful basis.” “So, we have to protest here and demand the SEC to handle this matter impartially and stop discriminating law-abiding overseas Chinese.”

“The investment of the G series, especially the investment of the GTV, has been constantly investigated by the SEC. Our appeal here is to demand the SEC to complete the investigation as soon as possible.” “We know the SEC tries to delay the investigation.” One protestor thought this is discrimination and asked, “if the GTV investors are mainly the White people, will the SEC dare to do so? Although we are of Chinese descent, many of us are Americans, and we do not accept this treatment. Hence, we come here today to protest and to protect our rights.”

When asked about the possibility to go through legal measures to look for compensation for economic losses, one investor said, “We will retain our rights at this time. However, if we cannot resolve this as soon as possible and the majority of investors agree, we will not rule out taking legal actions.“

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