CCP’s Propaganda Apparatus Overseas Advances to YouTube, Claiming That People in Xinjiang Have a Good Life

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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CCP has been sanctioned by the United States, the European Union and other Western organizations due to its human rights issue in Xinjiang. On the platform of YouTube, suddenly multiple accounts were popped up that appear to belong to CCP’s “grand overseas propaganda”. They upload videos of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang who claiming to live in “good life” and have “freedom of movement”. This makes overseas human rights groups strongly irritated.

Human rights groups questioned that Xinjiang’s internet control is much stricter than other parts of China. How could these ordinary ethnic minorities upload videos?

Free Asia reports, there have been several videos on YouTube that are deliberately display propaganda and misinformation. Among them, a Uyghur woman who claimed to be “Ayituna” said that she “come to YouTube to talk about a topic that is private for women”.

Another young Kazakh woman who calls herself “Ayidayi” said in the video: she and her family are going to the county town to buy vegetables, and they are going to Xinjiang Yili, Zhaosu and other places. They are still on the way. In the video they said: “In some places the road is still under construction, and the sun has already set.” In fact, she deliberately emphasized the “freedom of movement” of herself and her family.

Another young male Kazakh herder who calls himself “Xiaosa” in the video claims his home is like a fairyland. He has more than 150 horses in the family. Some other families even have more than 10,000 acres of pasture. The picture also shows that there are plenty of food such as apples, milk tea, and dried fruits in the herdsmen’s home.

According to reports, Dina, a Kazakh businessman living in Kazakh in Xinjiang, revealed that in her hometown of Yili, Xinjiang, local students were asked to go to the village committee after graduation to record a film, which is to  praise the good life in Xinjiang. However, it is the CCP officials who upload the videos to overseas websites, not the graduates who are on the camera. They do not even  know that their videos are uploaded on the Internet.

Dilxat Raxit, spokesperson for the World Uyghur Congress, said that the World Uyghur Council had noticed that in response to international pressure, CCP operatives use YouTube channels to spread false information in line with Beijing to cover up their oppression and the suffering of local Uyghurs. The reality is Uyghurs are being persecuted systematically.

Serkejian, the founder of the Kazakh human rights organization “Atajurt Volunteer Organization”, pointed out that YouTube is blocked in China and ethnic minorities are forbidden to access overseas websites, but those channels have dozens of registrants. It proves that these are all of CCP propaganda aimed at foreign countries to picture a false impression that these Kazakhs and Uyghurs have a very fulfilling and free life. Who will believe such lies?

Reis Khan, the scholar of  Kazakh China Studies also believes that these films praising the lives of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang are believed to be officially planned and posted to overseas websites. The protagonists in the films are all officially selected performers. If the reality of Xinjiang is so beautiful, why does the Chinese government prohibit foreign independent institutions and foreign media from conducting investigations and interviews in Xinjiang?

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