Communist China and the United States Are in a New Cold War

Former deputy national security advisor K.T. McFarland believes Communist China has already laid out ‘Cold War 2.0’ with the United States.

  • Jin Canrong, professor of international relations at the Renmin University of China in Beijing, has said that the Chinese Communist Party will win as long as the Biden administration doesn’t do more than Trump.
  • McFarland also warned that the Biden administration must put more effort into fighting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Otherwise, the next Republican president will have to deal with the CCP in their place in 2024. Mr. Lu De and the guests all believe that the Biden administration will lose all the political assets they received from the former Trump administration if they take no action against the CCP.
  • The U.S. anti-CCP program has been deployed for years, especially during President Trump’s time in office. They made the decision to crack down on the CCP and gained public support. Now based on the current remarks made by the Biden administration, it seems that this plan has finally gained support from the Democrats. The day of eliminating the CCP is approaching.

The CCP state new media reported early this year, 15 nations are planning to bring home their gold stored in the United States.

  • Mr. Mile Guo just mentioned the CCP had convinced many countries to store their gold in Hongkong, which will eventually destroy the Bretton Woods system with the CCP’s digital RMB currency.

Nations from NATO and Asian NATO continue to work closely together.

  • Japan, France and the United States will hold joint military drills on land and sea for the first time in May next year as the Chinese military steps up activity in the region, the Sankei newspaper said Sunday.
  • The foreign and defence ministers of Japan and Germany will hold a “2 plus 2” virtual dialogue in mid-April — in the wake of China taking an increasingly aggressive foreign policy approach in the Indo-Pacific region.
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