Memorial rituals on the Ching Ming Festivalremind people to cherish their family

MR.MilesGuo’s dictated

When the Ching Ming Festival arrives, whether it’s my mother.

Or my brother.

or those people who died in the Qingfeng Detention Center.

or those innocent peoplerecently killed by the CCP.

These desolatesouls.

makeme feel heartbroken, so I don’t want to mention them.

Everyone has to face this ordeal.

And every one of us is bound to end in death and go tothe final resting place.

Sowhen you look at life ofno more than36,000 daysfrom this perspective.

You’ll figure out a lot of things.

Think about it now, when talking about ghosts during the Ching Ming Festival.

When talking about life and death, you will find that.

only the  New Federal State of China’s adherence torighteousness.

is the greatest thing in the worldthat will light up the future of mankind.

Look at how fewdecent governments are leftin the world.

Most governments try tolettheir peoplestake vaccines, which is motivated by corruption.

No government produces a dollar of wealth.

All the wealth is created by the people.

All the so-called free benefits will be paidout of your pocketsin the end.

Just like the US rescue package of more than one trillion dollars announced a few days ago.

to fund the subsidy of $1,400 per person, which entails imminent tax increase.

Money can’t be produced at home or grow on trees.

whether US dollar or RMB,money ultimately comes from exploitation of people’s labor .

whatever you’re given, you pay for. So brothers and sisters.

During the Ching Ming Festival, we have to pray.

for thoseinnocent people killed by the CCPVirus, burn paper money for them.

For the family members who passed away, pray for them .

There is one more thing to say.

it is exactly at this time that we have to remember that our family is the most important.

Stay with them. I hope my fellow fighters can really understand.

thatyour family is the only thing unique for you. Not even theNew Federal State of Chinacompares with it.

Only yourfamily is unique.Love your family and the people around you.

This is the core of the core.

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Dictation: 作而无作

Translation: 风之伤

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