Reflections on the dictatorship of the Communist Party of China triggered by the movie “The Wave”

In 1967, Ron Jones, a young teacher in a high school in California, conducted a teaching experiment in order to let students understand what Fascism meant, by the powerful slogans “discipline builds strength,” “unity builds strength,” and “action builds strength. “He experimented with strict rules and regulations, instilling in his students a sense of collectivism and absolute obedience and discipline. Surprisingly, the students were very obedient and engaged in unison

 They are energetic, put on uniforms, do inter-school exercises, supervise each other, and quickly form a new group. 41 years later, the real event was adapted into a German film “The Wave” (Die Welle, 2008).

This teaching experiment network, known as the “Third Wave” movement, shows that fascist authoritarianism can be revived in just one week.

The “Wave” film changed the background of the story to a high school in Germany, where during the National System Theme Activity Week, political teacher Reiner Wenger was selected by another teacher because of his favorite “anarchism”. He has no choice but to teach a course on “dictatorship” and conduct an experiment.

In the course of watching this movie, I couldn’t help but think of the tactics used by the Communist dictatorship in the China, tactics that were used not just for a week, but were implemented without interruption for over 70 years. The brainwashing education starts with children. The vast majority of the people have fallen into it without realizing it, and have participated in it to do many pathetic, horrible and absurd things that have allowed the Communist dictatorship to develop to this point in China.

Here, according to the development of time and plot in the film, we compare the methods of the Chinese communist dictatorship 


At the beginning of the first class, the teacher Wenger talked about the concept of dictatorship (a dictatorship in which a government is formed by individuals or groups with great power and the freedom to change laws), and most of the students approached it with a careless attitude, having grown tired of always talking about the Nazis all the time,believing that the Nazis were history and should not be burdened with guilt all the time, and that everyone thought that the Nazi dictatorship would never happen again and that there was no popular base. One of the students, however, raised an objection, arguing that it was not carrying the guilt of history, but rather the responsibility for it

After a 10-minute break between classes, Wengel made up his mind and began a classroom experiment of authoritarian politics.

First, the position of the desk and seat was rearranged. Then put forward the premise of the Nazi dictatorship was to have a core leadership role, and by voting to decide whether Wenger to play a core leadership role, to be precise, whether there is opposition, and finally elected as a result of one against and one abstention.

Then Wengel proposed that he should be respected as a leader, so during this time the students were asked to call him Mr. Wengel (last name), claiming that he could speak only with his permission in class, that the speaker had to stand up, and said some of the sounding benefits of standing up; at the same time, the sitting posture was regulated, during which students were asked to leave without doing so, saying that no one was forced to do so.

The class then mentioned that an important characteristic of authoritarian systems was discipline, and suggested that “discipline builds strength”. The class concluded that high unemployment, social injustice, high inflation, bankruptcy of political trust and extreme nationalism are conducive to the birth of authoritarian systems.

I couldn’t help but very surprised at the end of the first class. The education I received in the communist state was completely brainwashed from the time I was a child, and from the time I started school, I was taught in the way of a dictatorship, from the way we sat, to the way we spoke, to the way we addressed our teachers. We didn’t listen to our parents or elders, but the teacher’s words were like holy orders to us, and we were raised to worship the core figure from an early age

If once a disobedient student is defined by the teacher as a bad student, it is natural to be isolated, and this is the way to exclude dissent that is instilled.

Does the way elections are conducted in movies sound familiar? The right to vote without choice. Does the definition of dictatorship at the beginning of the first lesson, “the freedom to change laws”, also remind you of the changes made to the Constitution by the Chinese Communist Party in 2017?

The extreme nationalism mentioned in the movie is simply tried and tested in the Communist China, such as the vandalism and destruction of Japanese cars, the instilling of hatred for the Western “powers”, the ubiquitous fight for the glory of the country, standing in the forest of the world nation, the War Wolf series, and so on.

 It can be seen from the film that the history of the authoritarian Nazis in German classroom should be mentioned repeatedly. In contrast, looking at the education of the Communist Party of China, the evil things done to the Communist Party of China government have always been covered up, not admitting it and distorting the facts.

We can see from the movie that the history of the Nazi dictatorship is repeatedly mentioned in German classrooms. On the contrary, the education of the Chinese Communist Party has always covered up the evil things done by the Chinese Communist government, not admitting it but also distorting the facts. 

Look at the land reform, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, the bloodshed in 8964 Tiananmen Square, and so on. The crime they committed are too numerous to be recorded.


At the beginning of the class, Mr. Wengel led the students in standing ovation, especially emphasizing the unity of step, where all the footsteps sounded as one, neatly and powerfully, and the teacher emphasized that this was the power of the collective and said that this power could bring down bridges, that is “unity builds strength”. 

Then the teacher rearranged the seating of each student on the grounds of breaking the usual cliques (such as friends), with students with good grades and those with poor grades sitting together, and said that this would be conducive to mutual help and unity, (even plagiarize each other in order to improve grades), and that they would perform better as a whole

The teacher then proposed that we wear a uniform as a group (jeans and white shirt), and although some students objected that this also precluded individuality, it was decided to do so.

When I saw the uniform footsteps in the second class, I couldn’t help but think of my physical education class from the first day of school was taught how to walk, until the military training in the university were still the same, whether it was to walk or march, are required to be neat and tidy. This kind of walking was taught throughout our education for more than ten years. 

I’ve wondered before, can’t I walk? Why keep teaching and training this? After this second lesson, I finally realized that the CCP has done this entirely from unifying and controlling our behavior, rooted these “unity” and “control” into our blood, and earning the reputation of “forging strength together” and “collectivism.”

When we look at the way the teacher seated us again, it was as if I had traveled back to my own classroom where we had to accept being assimilated, where we had to accept being placed, where all individuals were tied into the collective without conditions or differences, which is what the Chinese Communist Party calls collectivist values.

Do you remember Dong Cunrui’s bombing of the bunker, Huang Jiguang’s blocking of the gun muzzle, Wang Cheng in the movie “Legend of Heroes”, and so on, the stories we have been taught since childhood? Do you still remember the Olympic Games and other important international events where the Chinese Communist Party arranged various handicaps and doping in order to win gold medals? Do you still remember the story of young Lai Ning tried putting out the forest fire on a hill, “knowing that it was impossible?

However, Lai Ning is still a child. Educating all children to learn from little Lai Ning, to sacrifice for the collective interest. These are all toxins instilled in us by the Communist dictatorship. Individuals can be sacrificed in collective honor, and fairness and justice can beignored by any means.

I can’t help but ask, “Isn’t the collective made up of individuals, and isn’t the whole collective protected when the interests of the individual are protected?” The answer is clear, the CCP does not care about the individual, as in the following examples.

In recent years, private entrepreneurs in China are living with fear and trepidation. Private property at any time goes to the party, at any time the possibility of being disappeared, whether Alibaba Jack Ma or Jingdong Liu Qiangdong or Wanda Wang Jianlin is all the same fate. It is said that Jack Ma has disappeared, and even many foreign media have paid attention to this matter. The Belt and Road Initiative is a big spill of money.  Debt forgiveness for African countries, but indifference to hundreds of millions of poor peasants likes Yang Gailang back home. 

Although the Communist Party of China collects the highest tax in the world, when various natural and man-made disasters occur, the first thing to launch is the donation of ordinary people. In the face of the CCP coronavirus outbreak, they still exploiting the people as an epidemic economy.

We are also no stranger to uniform, we must wear school uniforms when we go to school, otherwise we will deduct points for the class as a whole and be known as dragging the whole class backwards. This is also a means to exclude differences and eliminate individuality. This is why children under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party have no individuality, no common sense, no logical thinking skills, no creativity, all slaves created by the Chinese Communist Party’s painstaking efforts to be completely subservient to the Communist Party’s dictatorial and authoritarian rule.


Most of the students wore white shirts and jeans, and only one female student did not wear a white shirt. She was considered selfish by her classmate’s boyfriend, and was ridiculed and rejected by other students. The female student who raised the objection on Tuesday changed classes, and was joined by more students at the same time. 

At the beginning of the class, the students proposed that the group should be named, so everyone raised their hands to speak. Among them, the female student who did not wear a white shirt kept raising her hand to speak, but was deliberately ignored by the teacher until the end. “The Wave” was chosen by vote as the name of the group. At the same time, the teacher proposed to design a logo for the group, and then some students proposed that the logo could be made into stickers to create a “wave space” on social media. The teacher announced that he would enter the next stage of “Strength through action ” to mobilize creativity for the group, everything for the collective entity.

After class, several students who played skateboarding at the park asked the children who wanted to play skateboarding, there to join the Wave before they could use the facility. At night, the students practiced their teacher’s slogan, “Strength through Action,” and were so energized that they came out in groups at night and spray-painted Wave logos and put Wave stickers everywhere, on buildings and vehicles, and even covered up other groups’ logos.

What’s crazier is that a usually weak and timid student risked his life to climb to the top of a very tall building under construction and spray the logo. Students who did not wear school uniforms were excluded and marginalized. Students who objected in Tuesday’s class have left the organization. There is no more inclusiveness among students, and the exclusivity has emerged.

Under the Chinese Communist Party’s way of education, there are no two ways in which people in the country react to dissidents. When someone raises an opposing or dissenting opinion, the reaction of most people is usually to turn red in the face, become irritated, and suppress the person as an enemy to keep them away.  The Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of various religions, including the “live organ harvesting” of Falun Gong followers. The persecution of the Uighur compatriots in Xinjiang, including the establishment of “Xinjiang concentration camps”. The persecution of Tibetan compatriots, including the massacre of Tibetans; and the persecution of Hong Kong compatriots, including the indiscriminate arrests through the “National Security Law”. The persecution of ethnic minorities, religion’s followers and Hong Kong people by the Chinese Communist Party is innumerable and untold. The CCP’s internal used multiple campaigns to remove dissidents through anti-corruption, the launching of the Cultural Revolution, land reform, suppression of counter-revolution and aiding North Korean against American, all these actions are monstrous evils!

In the film, the teacher named the group, designed logos and created a social media space, and “energized” the group and each individual with the slogan “Action creates strength,

mobilize creativity for the group, everything for the group”, which undoubtedly incites everyone in the group to become fanatic. This is tantamount to using the mass/student movement, that is, launching the mass movement and using the power of propaganda. When individuals become crazy, they will make a lot of crazy behaviors, and the mass movement becomes uncontrollable.

In order to achieve the goal of a dictatorship, the Communist China is better at launching mass movements and student movements. It started by mobilizing students, workers and farmers. It has used mass movements to launch land reform many times. After obtaining the power to govern, they continued to launch land reform, demonizing landlords and rich peasants, creating hatred, leading to brutality and bloodshed to run rampant. In addition, many movements or campaign such as the Great Leap Forward, the People’s Commune Movement, the opposition to existing bureaucrats, the Cultural Revolution, and so on, all of which are from the goal of the evil dictators, in establishing and enhancing the absolute authority of Mao Zedong and suppressed dissent.

Look at the frenzied students in the movie, who look like the Red Guards and Red Soldiers in the Cultural Revolution, wearing red armbands and posting large-character posters everywhere and going around to criticize. If they are not already extreme nationalists, they will eventually become fanatical nationalists under the continuous propaganda and guidance of the Chinese Communist Party. This must be the case. Under the constant brainwashing of the Communist state, people who have been indoctrinated with the idea that the Western powers and imperialists’ intention to destroy China. People who grew up in the Communist country hate America, hate the West, hate all opponents of the CCP, and have been completely caught up in the whirlpool of populism.


The students’ “activity” was completely motivated and even came up with the exclusive greeting gesture of the “Wave”, obtained the consent of Mr. Wengel, the core figure and spiritual leader, and told all students to abide by this rule in class.

After class, the only way to enter the school was to make the “Wave” gesture. At this point, the other groups whose signs had been painted over approached the Wave students to argue, and the same cowardly student who had risked climbing the building the night before suddenly pulled out a pistol and threatened to blow their heads off if they didn’t leave. Another thing that was also happening was an anonymous message on The Wave’s space: “Received a threat from a member of The Wave that if I don’t join The Wave ‘ will lose all their friends

By this time, the “wave” has taken on a life of its own, and the incited students, through their infinite trust and esteem for the core figure, have fallen completely into the “wave” organization and, as the organization grew and spread itself, lost their sanity and judgment as if they had taken drugs. As the organization grew and spread, they lost their sense of reason and judgment, became drug addicted, did not allow the existence of different voices, restricted personal freedom, and even began to threaten violence.

And strictly carried out everyone’s words, deeds and background. Censorship, prohibit any abnormal voice. Today, the Communist Party of China is even more than it. It is more than enough to maintain the people of petitions in violence, ubiquitous speech review and deletion, constant surveillance, urban management wantonly opening of stalls, police violent law enforcement, and rampant demolished by the government.

During the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards wore red cuffs, shouted “Long live Chairman Mao”, and held quotations and instructions from Chairman Mao in their hands to arrest and criticize people, illegally detain them, parade them in the streets, smashing and plunder them, and kill them for money. Any dissenting voices are forbidden. The Chinese Communist Party today is even worse than ever. They use violence to suppress people coming petition.  Ubiquitous speech, censorship, censored postings, and surveillance are a norm. City inspectors wantonly overturn vendors’ stalls. The police also used violence to enforce the law, the government, rampant demolition of private properties 


When the teacher saw the news in the morning that the Wave logo has been spray-painted on a tall building under construction, he became angry and reprimanded the students in class. At the end of the class there was a questioning about who was the informer who spray-painted the logo mentioned in the newspaper, and the teacher refused to inform and said that you have to be united. By this time, the teacher realized that his lab session was out of control.

By this time, the teacher had realized that his experimental course had lost control.

In the afternoon, there was a water polo competition with other schools. Members of the “Wave” issued white shirts with the “Wave” logo at the entrance of the stadium and asked the students of the school not to enter the museum. Near the end of the game, when the score was a stalemate, the members of the “Wave” took the initiative to attack the other team, causing violence. After the game, one of the students quarreled with his girlfriend who opposed the “wave” and hit her. The student was afraid of his actions and went to the teacher to ask to put a stop to the incident.

What I felt most about this lesson was the violence and the snitching. In the movie, the students became fanatical and violent because of the “wave” movement. In reality, under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, people have become so hostile that they will fight with each other at the drop of a hateful word. The Chinese Communist Party is able to incite hatred and violence at will through its propaganda machine, such as the vandalism and violence during the boycott of Japan and South Korea. Regarding whistle-blowing, the teachers in the film did not break through this bottom line. Looking at the rule of the Communist Party of China, they encouraged students to report small reports from an early age, mobilized students report teachers in universities, and mobilized children to report parents, wives to report husbands, friends and neighbors to report to each other in mass movements. Throughout the rule of the Communist Party of China, it is to fight against people to achieve enslave and rule of the people. ” Fighting with heaven, fighting with the earth, fighting with people is the “maximum saying” of the thief. How evil! In the film, there are the awakeners demanding an end to the “wave” movement, just like our awakened comrades-in-arms of the explosive revolution, fighting with the pioneer Mr. Guo on the way to destroy the Communist Party.

In the movie, there are awakened people demanding to end the “wave” movement, just like our awakened comrades in the Whistleblowers Movement and fought along with the Initiator Miles Guo on the way to eradicate the Communist Party.


The teacher called all the members of the “wave” to meet in the school auditorium. He reproduced fascism in a more vivid way, trying to educate his students that fascism has been resurrected through them.

After ending the “Wave” movement of the theme week, the teacher began to read excerpts from some students’ praises about the “Wave”, and then he recreated the Hitler-style speech in the Nazi era. The audience applauded thundered and the students’ emotions rose again. The students who asked the teacher to terminate everything on Friday night stood up again. The teacher ordered to bring the “traitor” in. A group of students rushed up and escorted the student to the platform. Then the teacher asked everyone how to deal with the “traitor”, and the students did not know how to answer.

To conclude the theme week of the Wave campaign, the teacher began by reading an excerpt of the students’ praise for the Wave, and then he recreated a Hitlerian speech fromthe Nazi era, which was met with applause and renewed student enthusiasm. On Friday night, the students who have asked the teacher to end everything came out again to object. The teacher ordered the “traitor” to be brought up, and a group of students swarmed and escorted the student to the podium, then the teacher asked them what to do with the “traitor”, and the students didn’t know how to answer. The teacher then followed up by saying if you were told to kill him would you do it? The teacher went on to say that we could hang him or behead him, or we could torture him until he succumbed, which is what a tyrannical government would do, and said to the students that you just realized what you were doing?

Do you remember the question in the classroom at the beginning? Is it possible for such a dictatorship to reappear today? This is what we are doing now, fascism, we think we are superior, better than others. What is more, we exclude all those who oppose us from our collective organization. We hurt them, we don’t know what else we will do.  I apologize to you, I have gone too far. It’s all over.

At this time, most students wake up like a dream, with bewildered faces. The ending of the film is tragic. The once cowardly student has regarded the “wave” as the whole of his life. He shot a student to death in anger and finally committed suicide in lost tears. However, the reality of any mass movement under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party has ended in a tragic way far more than the movie. 70 years of the system have been a fascist dictatorship, in which the people of the country, instigated by the Communist Party, have played the same role as the students in the movie or even more brutal. They exploited the weaknesses of human nature and unleashed the maximum amount of human evil in order to maintain this dictatorial regime. The Whistleblowers Movement has awakened millions of comrades-in-arms. We are the lucky one. In the future, more people will be awakened and joined the battle to destroy the Communist Party. The film review written this article also hopes to let more people understand how the Communist Party of China rules, deceives and harms the people through comparison. 

At the same time, we will realize that the Communist Party’s poison doctrine must be consciously eradicated in order to truly become a “new” Federal State of Chinese. Highly recommend this movie, after watching it you will be enlightened. You will have some empathy, and something to ponder about.

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU)latin

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