GTV Investors Protest SEC’s Collaboration with CCP

Author: DC Coach

We are investors of GTV Media Group, and committed to spreading the truth and taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). GTV is the first media platform to expose the CCP’s release of the laboratory-made coronavirus as an unrestricted biological weapon to attack the world. Our investments in GTV are legal and can be brought to light, and our assets should be protected by law.

However, based on false evidence, the SEC started an investigation against GTV Media Group under the allegation of fraud. The SEC adopted the false evidence, intentionally prolonged investigation, and caused our investment to fail. Even worse, the GTV investors in mainland China were threatened, arrested, and even lost their lives. Some were forced to file civil lawsuits against GTV using fabricated documents provided by the CCP. Others were personally coerced by police to stand in front of the cameras to make false accusations against GTV. Considerable evidence suggests that investors’ personal information submitted to the SEC was leaked to the CCP.

On the contrary, many Chinese state-owned companies such as Alibaba and Baidu can be publicly listed in the U.S. stock market in a dignified manner and rake trillions of dollars of Americans’ wealth without scrutiny. Yet GTV investors’ legitimate and normal investment practices in the U.S. are subject to unwarranted scrutiny, resulting in the arrest and further persecution of investors. The SEC has become an accomplice of the CCP, a dictatorial regime. Their blatant double-standard and unfair treatment against legal GTV investors are signs of severe political corruption.

We are here to protest against the SEC to expose our real voice of GTV investors. We demand that the federal government to start an independent investigation to thoroughly investigate the details of the SEC’s collaboration with the Chinese government and individuals, hold those responsible accountable, and compensate GTV investors for their losses. Perpetrators, if any, must be punished, and GTV investors’ losses be appropriately assessed and compensated.

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