Memories From a Former Soviet Elder

  • Author: 葛大饼
  • Translator: Ranting

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My neighbor is a German-Russian grandfather. After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the family returned to Germany (for this history, those who are interested, can search for the relevant news). Some time ago, I asked the old man about his past in the former Soviet Union. He was very happy and enthusiastically wrote a ten-page memoir and printed it out and gave it to me. He said he was happy that someone was interested in this history, and he said it was a pity that people nowadays have long forgotten or are simply not interested.

The old man wrote on the front page, looking back on those years, I often ask myself why I was so convinced of those lies? Why did I have absolutely no idea to fight back? I’m responsible for that too.

When the mirage collapses, the desolation and despair inside is far more frightening than the empty streets. The old man said that after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, many people were unemployed, and the bustling streets, busy factories and office buildings of the past were suddenly so quiet and empty. Many people’s spirits are broken, and that’s probably what happens when people live breathlessly. Well, what about the world’s number one, a global power? After dreaming for most of their lives, they are suddenly woken up with unemployment, currency devaluation and material poverty. Many men in the former Soviet Union began to drink heavily. Because they had no money, they could only buy cheap industrial alcohol and drink it with water. Many men ended up drinking themselves to death, their families were destroyed, their children were left without food, starving and without hope for their lives, the children went out on the streets to beg, and even to steal and commit crimes, and it was common for children to be killed as a result.

After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, it did not usher in a better life as the people expected, those who could afford to leave were looking for ways to leave, the excellent state-owned assets were sold privately and cheaply by the people above, and some people’s wallets were full for this, while the lives of ordinary people did not become better. That’s why some Russians are now nostalgic for the Soviet era. Perhaps the bad food today is not as intoxicating as the spiritual food at the beginning. I remember visiting London a few years ago, and my local friends told me that many houses in London were bought by rich Russians, while my neighbor grandfather told me that his old friends in Russia told him that many people in the industrial city where they used to work were unemployed or even unable to eat.

When society changes, ordinary people will always be hurt.

From the words of the old man, one can feel that he has always been proud of his work. According to his description, the state-owned enterprise he was working for at that time was one of the leading manufacturers in the world in this industry, and he, as an engineer, had also owned shares in the company. But when disaster strikes, everything is in smoke. People were trying to find food to fill their stomachs. He smiled and said that there were still US dollars that he had rushed to exchange in the former Soviet Union 20 or 30 years ago.

Looking at these words, what I think of is who we are now. The Whitsleblower Movement urged everyone to stock up on food and exchange dollars. The fellow fighters made shows every day and wrote articles to awaken the compatriots because they did not want the tragedy of the collapse of life after the Chinese dream was severely awakened.

The history is similar, but the fate is different, because we have Whitsleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China.

Whistleblower Movement is the seed of Athena, is our Noah’s Ark, even if I have no feet, I have to find a way to climb on this ship.

More and more I feel the importance of the G series. This is a clean and healthy ecosystem. There is no need to worry about being traded or kidnapped, and we will create sunny wealth. The Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization is a guarantee that after the extermination of the CCP, we will only be more different!

Communism draws us a big pie that we can never eat, and the Whistleblower Movement actually makes each of us involved tangibly act and participate. In the past historical changes, ordinary people could not have such opportunities. The structure of the new world has been designed and it needs to be constructed carefully by each of us who pursues a better life.

Let’s not be the ones who regret why we didn’t wake up in the first place. Let’s not be the ones who regret why we didn’t resist in the first place. Fellow fighters, act bravely!

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