Top Goalscorer Tells Dark Secrets in China’s Sports Industry

Retired Chinese footballer Mr. Hao Haidong and badminton player Mrs. Ye Zhaoying joins Lu De Daily Show this morning and exposes what China’s sports industry truly looks like.

  • While all the Chinese star athletes are boycotting Nike on social media, the Chinese national team still wears their shoes for daily training.  Because the local Chinese brands of shoes cannot be used for professional sports training.  Mr. Hao and Mrs. Ye laugh and ask if such an act is what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) calls treason.

Everyone in China is brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party to worship winners, so famous athletic celebrities are saints in their minds. But Mr. Hao said the reality is quite the opposite.

  • Guo Jingjing and Fu Mingxia, both retired Chinese female divers/multi-time Olympic gold medalists, both lost their virginity before the ages of 14 and 15. Moreover, Fu Mingxia was once arrested for drug use with two other Chinese celebrities, Li Yapeng and Qu Ying.
  • Mr. Hao also shares some other jaw-dropping stories about the former coach of Chinese national football team Xu Genbao, go player Nie Weiping, table tennis player Kong Linghui and Liu Guoliang.

The CCP has adopted closed-off management for their athletes’ training, which is inhumane. And there will never be a sport with a true Olympic spirit under the CCP system.

Mrs. Ye Zhaoying suggests the parents in China should not let their children go to the army to become CCP’s cannon.

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