[April 4, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

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[April 4, 2021] Video translation

My fellow fighters, today is April 4th. After posting a Getter in the morning, I have seen many people leave messages to me, saying that they heard that American investors have to sign some kind of contract. This information may come from Brother Grass-root’s broadcast yesterday. But, please remember, I repeat once again: all decisions regarding G-series investments shall be from my Getter and the Himalaya Alliance Committee. Many of our fellow fighters’ personal opinions on their broadcasts cannot be regarded as official information. So let’s abide by this principle, OK? Brothers and sisters, otherwise, people will get mixed messages.

This morning several of our fellow fighters in the U.S. asked me, “What was going on? We want to invest no matter what.” We are meeting with our lawyers right now. Pretty struggling. It is about how to reissue the stocks to our American investors. For American investors, the key issue now is that many investment institutions do not accept investment from any U.S. citizen or U.S. resident. You can see that this is troublesome. If we allow American investors, the U.S. SEC may continue to make troubles with us, so the institutional investors do not want that to happen. If I can hold all the shares myself, I wouldn’t care anything like that, right? But right now, we have to rely on them, right? So, brothers and sisters, I hope you can understand.

Another thing is about the Ching Ming Festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day). To be honest, the last thing I want to talk about at this time of year are the Ching Ming Festival, family and friends. I believe that many of you do not know that we have some fellow fighters, not many, died from the Wuhan virus, and some of them even lost half of their families. When the Ching Ming Festival arrives, whether it’s my mother or my brother, or those people who died in the Qingfeng Detention Center in those years, or those innocent people recently killed by the CCP virus, those desolate souls, all make me feel heartbroken deeply. So I don’t want to touch this topic. Yesterday I was joking, I said I didn’t know what kind of holiday Easter was. In fact, the things that I don’t want to face the most are Easter in the Western culture and the so-called Ching Ming Festival in the Chinese culture.

Human life is quite fragile, a lively person around you can suddenly pass away, be burnt to ashes, and never come back again. You will never see each other again in this world, under any circumstances. Just think about this, brothers and sisters, everyone has to face this ordeal. And everyone of us is bound to end in death, and go to the final resting place. So when you look at it from this perspective, and when you view one’s life as merely 36,000 days, you will understand a lot things and know that nothing is really yours.

In nature, spring will always come. You see spring is here again. There are four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter; flowers bloom and fade; a drop of water has hundreds of millions of various bacteria in it. Indeed, a flower or a piece of grass is a world – one flower is one world, isn’t it? Then think about how much human beings know.  Literally nothing!  Those scientists and intellectuals, what do they know? Right?  They only do bad things, no good things, and those rogue politicians are even more evil, right?

Now think about it, during the Ching Ming Festival time, when talking about ghosts, when talking about life and death, you will find that it is really just our New Federal State of China’s (NFSC) adherence to righteousness that is the greatest thing in the world, which will brighten the future of mankind. Look at how few decent governments there are in this world? They are desperate to get everyone vaccinated. Behind the vaccines are all corruptions. Whose vaccines to purchase? Who get vaccinated? How much to charge them? How much should the government pay? Anyway, all this money in the end will be paid by the people because no government produces a dollar of wealth, all the wealth is created by the people. All the so-called free stuff will ultimately be paid out of your pocket.

Just like the American Rescue Plan of over a trillion dollars, which was passed a couple of days ago, giving $1,400 subsidy per person, will immediately entail increased tax. Those bosses will pay more tax. What do you think the bosses will do to you? The bosses will put that on you because your boss does not produce any money in his own home, and the field can’t grow dollars or RMB out of it either. In the end, money will come from exploiting the working people. Isn’t it the people’s money in the end? Is this basic common sense?

You think your government is so great to give people subsidies of 1 to 2 trillions. Wool can only be from sheep (Chinese idiom, meaning “whatever you’re given, you pay for”), wool won’t be from the pigs, and it certainly won’t come from those old bastards in the Zhongnanhai Pit. Simple as that, right? All countries are the same. Therefore, neither governments nor politicians are good, so don’t be a politician in your life time and don’t get involved in politics because  there’s nothing good out of it. I believe that those innocent souls killed by the CCP virus will side with our NFSC people eventually to take down the CCP together. This is a huge force, I truly believe that.

So brothers and sisters, at the time of the Ching Ming Festival, we ought to burn some joss paper and pray for those innocent people who were killed by the CCP virus, and pray for our family members who have passed away. And there is one more thing that I want to say to my fellow fighters. Especially at this moment, when the Himalayan, the New Federal State of China is playing a key role in this world and advocating for righteousness, we should remember the Titanic, for at this moment the world economy and politics are on the verge of collapsing. Your family is the most important thing. Stay with your family. Under any circumstances, when you are at the lowest point in your life, your family is the most important and the most trusted people you can have, and nothing else will be more important than your family in the end.  

So I hope our fellow fighters can really understand that your family is non-replaceable. The NFSC is not, but your family is. Love your family, love the people around you, this is the most essential thing. What we Chinese value most is family. Never forget this concept, never, ever forget about this. So I think the most essential things in the Chinese culture are about families, parents, brothers and sisters, sisters-in-law, and parents-in-laws.

We all know Charles and Andrew, the sons of the Queen of England. I know them very well.  So many scandals and so many things happened in their family, such a cold family. I was talking to them about what was the most important to them in their lives. They said that no matter what pains and challenges they had gone through, it’s always the family and they regarded their family as the most important thing in their life.

So at the time of Ching Ming Festival, you should think about this: the lost family members will never come back, then why don’t you cherish the living ones, right? Everything is just worldly possession. When you leave this world, your money and your house among other things cannot be taken away with you, and everything will stay in this world.  No matter how much money you have spent in buying or building your house, how much effort you’ve put into it, you cannot take it away with you.

The Ching Ming Festival is the time of enlightenment, is the intersection of yin and yang. The yin is very strong, so this month you should avoid any sexual activities… I was unable to control myself yesterday, so I did it. That’s why I’m laughing now. To humans, it’s easy to say but hard to do. Every morning when I wake up, I am always determined not to smoke cigars, but it turns out I still smoke during the day.  So you can tell that it is always easier said than done. Your Brother Miles is already a person with a lot of self-control, but I still sometimes lose control. What do I do? You tell me.

April is the month of ghosts. Spooky things could happen in the month of ghosts. Sometimes spooky things can be good. The eradication of the CCP must be the result of the joint efforts of the humans, the underworld, and the heavens. The eradication of it must be the final ending. Let’s see, brothers and sisters. I hope that the American fellow fighters and investors do not misunderstand. Please wait for the notice issued by me and the Himalaya Alliance Committee. Everything should be based on that. Awesome!

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