[April 1, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

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[April 1, 2021] Video translation

Hello, esteemed fellow fighters, it is April 1st. Wow, it is already April 1st.

Brothers and sisters, how many months until our first anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on June 4th, 2020? Oh my God, I cannot believe it. We should get ourselves ready.

Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to answer some questions from my old friends in China, including my former colleagues. Many of them sent me messages asking about purchasing G-coins and increasing investment in G-TV. There are too many messages for me to be able to reply to all of you. I would like you to understand if I am not able to satisfy your requirements. Here is my brief answer. I hope you do not mind. However, I cannot be concerned about whether you care or not. If you care, then it is your business.

Our G-TV, G-Coin, or G-Dollar investing opportunities are offered, as a priority, to those who donated to the Rule of Law Foundation or Rule of Law Society, and to those who have, for a long time, supported and contributed to the Whistleblower Movement. Our investment is an ordered procedure, which began with our initial G-TV chair investors, then the participants in the loan projects who came slightly later, and lastly the investors who showed interest after that. 

Now you suddenly show up and ask to buy G-Coins? It is impossible. G-Coin is a limited issue, and will be released in a limited number of tranches. Even the amount we have promised to our fellow fighters – which they deserve – now needs to be reduced. I am sorry that I cannot help you. Please accept my apology again.  

Regarding G-TV investment, the original investors can enjoy the promised benefits within this time frame, but it is impossible to grant you a privilege. Please do not send me any more of these requests. Do not waste your time. Not even my distant relatives. They cannot get even one G-coin, not even one. This is my solemn promise to history and the future forever. I promise that neither my family nor my relatives will own any G-TV stock or a single G-Coin. None of them will. If they do manage to get any, then I will bear all the legal responsibility one day. I must do this because G-TV and G-coin belong to our fellow fighters.

The G-Club membership is open to all. Whoever wants to buy can buy. There is no problem if you purchase a G-Club membership. We encourage you, and thank you for doing that. The sale of G-Club memberships will stop at a specific time for sure. It is also a limited issue. Ultimately, it is your decision whether to buy. 

I repeat this and hope you all understand because I do not want to waste anyone’s time.

Everyone knows what happened in the past two or three days. Yesterday our scientist (Dr. Yan Li-Meng) released the third report of her series of reports intended to destroy the CCP with the truth of the virus. We can say that her report and the WHO Wuhan report were a sort of “tit-for-tat”. Does W.H.O. still represent the World Health Organization? It might be considered as the “Wuhan Organization.” At this moment, Dr. Yan’s report has caused a storm in the world.

And she was so tired that she did not sleep much for two days. Yesterday she sent me a message saying: “I have a headache and I did not even sleep.” She did a great job. Her report has received considerable attention and recognition from scientists, infectious disease experts, military intelligence agencies, and biochemical weapons research experts worldwide, pushing the boundaries of the strategy of destroying the CCP with the truth of the virus.

This success is inseparable from the driving forces behind it, including the PhD Team, the reach of the Lude Media show, a tremendous effort by our Himalaya Farms (Whistleblower Movement), the articles on G-News, the live broadcasts on G-TV, and the pleas of all fellow fighters. Without them, who would know all this? Nobody knows how delicious the food you cooked is if there is nobody to promote it, right? The key is the platform built by the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC. Without this platform, we might as well say that neither Dr. Yan nor the PhD Team would have any meaning. 

You can see how we fought successfully together as a group. As a result, we have caused a nuclear fission reaction among the world’s media, weapons research experts, military and intelligence experts. Only the facts can inform you. We do not care how other people judge us, let alone what they think of us. So far, we have seen nobody on earth who is qualified to evaluate our strategy of destroying the CCP with the truth of the virus or our Whistleblower Movement from the point of view of morality, ideology, capability, and specialty. Not yet. Not one person. I wish there were more. But there are none.

Anyone with a conscience should have this essential judgment. Of course, our fellow fighters should have self-confidence. Have you ever seen a person with sufficient morality, ability, conscience, and specialty to judge us? No. Therefore, many people have said in the past two or three days: “wow, this is a movement that is changing humanity”. Whatever you say. If I am a bit tempted to say the same thing, I would not be Guo Wengui. 

I also do not care, no matter how others scold me. Will their scolding kill you?  Can they turn the fraud into reality just by berating us? Can they turn reality into a fraud by scolding us? Those people who scold you are not even worth mentioning at all. They are so poor that they are beyond a joke. People who have never seen money in their lives. Just like the “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)”. She wants to lead everyone to pray to God now. Anybody with a conscience should tell Sara (VOG) to go meet God herself. Let her go to meet her maker. Do not ask other people to write a will and give their money to you. Do you (Sara) want to lead us all in prayer? Do we need your prayer? Are you a pastor? Who are you to represent God? This bastard, what a scum she is.

Our fellow fighters should have the proper attitude. Are others qualified to scold us or judge us? No.

I do not feel anybody deserves my respect, or is in a position to evaluate us on this issue, including the Governments of many countries. So, I am proud. I am rather proud. That is me. Ha! There is no way not to be proud of it because the world is too wicked. The CCP gangster organization has wholly compromised many world leaders through falsehood, deceit, criminal syndicates, and BGY plots. Even the United States cannot avoid the CCP’s underhanded tactics.

When we look around the world, we can look down on the planet. We do not need to look up to anything or anybody, because the world is too evil. How come people still associate themselves with the CCP, choose to ignore that the virus is killing people worldwide, and that they have committed Genocide in Xinjiang and have committed Crimes Against Humanity? How can this be endured? Where is the law? Where are the ethical people? What is there to respect? Where is the faith? Of course, we look down on any of these people who lack dignity.

Yesterday, there was a scheduled meeting, but I was late by just a few minutes. Someone from a particular European organization spoke to me arrogantly: “Miles, you are five minutes late. We have been waiting for you. We hope that you can give us a presentation about Dr. Yan’s third report. This is…”. 

I said: “Stop. Stop. Stop. I am late, and it affects you, right? Okay, I’m sorry, but you will wait for another 500 hours.” Then the conference system shut down. I canceled the meeting.

Later the fellow sent me messages. I replied: “Do I owe you? Why should I give you a presentation? Do not believe what I say if you are such a resourceful person. You can tell your people that this virus came from bats, from British people hunting, from pangolins, or from pangolins mating. Whatever you want to believe. You had better also believe in the CCP. I hope it will not lead you to walk straight into a crematorium. You can believe this new report from the “WHO” – the Wuhan Organization. You can believe Tedros, Director-General Tedros. Do not believe us. It is best if you get your family vaccinated, get vaccinated with the CCP vaccines. Okay? You can trust them.”

Whether you believe me or not, it is not my responsibility and obligation. I do not owe you. You do not pay me. Was I five minutes late? I was doing you a favor. Why should I give you a presentation?

So, our fellow fighters, you should keep in mind not to look down upon yourself. Just as I said earlier, it is not enough for you to be rich, you must have a brain. If Sara (VOG) can fool you repeatedly, your IQ level might be below the average. This way, you will become someone else’s joke. That will be an insult to you.

One must at least learn how to judge. Just like these people in the conference call. What gentleman? Which boss of a certain organization? Which boss of a financial group? They like to wear a pretentious face. Shamelessly complaining that I was 5 minutes late. Why should I even care about them? The fellow repeatedly apologized to me yesterday. Moreover, he plans to write me a letter to apologize formally. I told him: “I do not want to talk to you. Let’s call it quits.”

Brothers and sisters, you need to recognize yourself, respect yourself, and love yourself. The most important thing is adherence to the truth. When you abandon the idea that you need approval for your ego, it will be difficult for others to influence you. If you do not let your ego rule you, you will not care about how others see you. Why should I care what others think of me?

Many financial tycoons in China were arrested and persecuted recently. I heard that dozens of Jack Ma’s fellows were detained last night, dozens more of Pony Ma’s underlings arrested, several of Zhang Hongwei’s lovers captured as well. Those bastards from the Asian Development Bank have been arrested, compromised by Zhang Hongwei with abalone. I heard that the illegitimate children of Zhang Hongwei have come out. The destiny of these people is unavoidable.

Whatever we do, we must abide by the law, firmly believe in our faith, and cultivate justice with actual deeds. Simple as that. To those who like to judge, ask them if they dare to show their faces publicly. Do they dare to show who they are? No? If so, why would you be affected by them? Please, continue. 

Therefore, the foundation of loving oneself is to stick to the principle of “adherence to the truth”. The condition for loving yourself is that you have ability and judgment. It helps if you not only pursue some goal, but also have wisdom. IQ is required.

I am going to be a witness in court today. Let’s leave our discussion for another day. It’s about to start around 10 o’clock.

Thank you very much. 

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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