How Many People will Die Under the Vaccine of the CCP?

Author: Dolores Posted by: Gravitationalwave

Recently, the CCP has accelerated the promotion of vaccines.

Some regional governments have issued notices to companies, requiring companies to organise employees to vaccinate, and if they are not vaccinated, they will be restricted by public transportation such as high-speed rail and airplanes in the future.

This statement confirms the previous online news. The CCP will issue a document on July 1 requiring the public to be vaccinated . This approach is completely forcing Chinese people to be vaccinated by the CCP.

The Chinese Communist Party’s vaccine is a simple inactivated vaccine. The principle is to inject the weakened COVID 19 virus into the human body, and then the human body produces antibodies.

However, previous cases showed that some patients who were infected with the CCP virus did not find antibodies in their bodies after they recovered. Even if they are produced, the antibodies do not exist for a long time.

Based on the characteristics of the CCP virus, the realisation of collective immunisation through the injection of inactivated vaccines will not only fail to stop the pandemics, but may also trigger the outbreak of the epidemic again.

The scientist Dr. Limeng Yan once pointed out that the CCP virus is very easy to induce ADE effects. Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is a side effect induced by antibodies produced after infection or vaccination. Produce type A antibodies, and later encounter type B viruses, the antibodies in the body not only can not fight against type B viruses, but also enhance the toxicity of type B viruses. Type B viruses directly bypass the immune system and attack the human body, resulting in an increase in the lethality rate of the virus by dozens.

Another situation is that the human body encounters a mutated homologous virus, and the immune system sends out type A antibodies, but due to virus mutation, the antibody fails, and the mutated virus can also directly attack the human body.

The CCP virus is a laboratory product . It has been artificially modified on the basis of the Zhoushan bat virus to make the virus easier to spread from person to person. At the same time, the CCP virus has higher toxicity, pathogenicity and variability. At the moment when the number of infected people in the world is so huge, the virus is constantly mutating, and the occurrence of a large-scale ADE effect is a high probability event.

Injecting the CCP’s inactivated vaccine is equivalent to infect the coronavirus, it will planted the seeds that trigger the ADE effect. If people who have been vaccinated have a second infection, the probability of developing severe illness or even death will be greatly increased.

As the creator of the virus, the CCP definitely know these risks. However, in order to strengthen its control over the Chinese people and seize the vaccine passport market, the CCP can sacrifice thousands of Chinese . Isn’t such behaviour also a kind of genocide? At the same time, the CCP continues to develop vaccine diplomacy and sells CCP vaccines to the world. Such expansion has also planted time bombs all over the world.

Now more and more people realise that the CCP virus is a biological weapon manufactured and deliberately released by the CCP. After the WTO released absurd investigation documents, it has aroused more people’s anger.

Western countries led by the United States demand that the CCP accept the further investigation. But the evil CCP never surrendered. He tried to speed up the kidnapping of the Chinese people and the kidnapping of the people of the world. Nowadays, only when countries in the world unite and take faster and more efficient actions can they get rid of the threat of the CCP ,then we can have a safe and healthy future.

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