[Headline News] The CCP’s Power Is Reaching U.S. College Students

Author: MOS Fitness Group – Happybird

It is no secret that 1.4 billion Chinese people are living under the strict control of the CCP.  Under the CCP, there is no such thing as freedom of speech, and speaking out about the government can cost your life.  Internet usage is censored and controlled by the monolithic firewall.  Under CCP rule, the people are brainwashed to love the CCP more than their own parents making it natural to obey and accept the CCP’s orders above all others.

 It surprised me that CCP’s power spread all over the world, even reaching toward college students in the United States. According to reports, “more than 30 colleges won’t let students return to classes if they aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19.”  California State University and the University of California will make the vaccine and other COVID-19 requirements mandatory in 2021.  Students must be vaccinated and follow the requirements before being permitted to return to campus.  It is said that these two universities have a total of 33 campuses and more than 1 million staff and students.

So far it seems that only proponents’ voices are overwhelmingly loud. They say, “herd immunity through mass vaccinations is the only way to end the pandemic and resume a normal life.”

It saddens me to see that brainwashed college students are left with no other choice but to obey and accept. What happens to the individual freedom of choice? Where does the passion for pursuing the truth go? How did the young, energetic, and creative American college students lose the right to make their own choices, and turn into obedient herds of sheep? How many students got to know the truth released by Dr. Li-Meng Yan and Miles Guo that the CCP virus is a bioweapon created by Wuhan P4 Biolab? I wonder what will happen to those few who may know the truth and finally have the guts to say “NO.”

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