05/01/2021 The CCP Wants the U.S. to Endorse Them for Avoiding Be Accountable in Terms of the CCP Virus—Miles Guo

Subtitles and Video by: The Mount Royal Montreal Group—-Bond

Recently, it has become clear within the Chinese Communist Party that the battle against the coronavirus must be fought well.What does it mean to fight well the battle of this coronavirus?It means that the United States must stand up and endorse for the Chinese Communists Party.Let the US say it was a Wuhan lab leak or came from nature and had nothing to do with the CCP.

Get the U.S. to come out and endorse it, and then privately commit to it.Anything can be negotiated. You can demand whatever you want in economic. Meanwhile,prepare to fight Taiwan if the US doesn’t do so.Fight against the United State from Taiwan and South China Sea.Be prepared to sacrifice 500,000 so-called CCP PLA war wolves.Bring down this U.S. administration and bring down the U.S. economy.Let the world’s attention be focused on the battle of Taiwan and the South China Sea.No more talk about coronavirus

What does this mean, brothers and sisters?It means that the CCP knew that the coronavirus would kill him.At the same time,(the CCP will)make India completely to be convinced.To make Japan and Australia feel the fear.To make the Americans feel that the CCP should never be held accountable for this virus.Absolutely it is impossible to tracking down the truth, not to mention the possibility of giving you the antidote

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